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  • Migrants

#1 – Witnesses Talk About The Last Moments On The Migrant Boat

More than 6,500 migrants have been rescued off Libya in 40 co-ordinated missions. Video footage shows migrants, most said to be from Eritrea and Somalia, swimming towards rescue vessels after they had jumped off. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • Oromo

#2 – Mass Mourning As Crackdown On Oromia Continues

People posted online videos of themselves shearing off their hair with electric razors in response to a letter smuggled out of prison by political leaders. In some Ethiopian cultures, a shaved head is part of the mourning process after the death of a loved one. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie

#3 – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Talks About The Moral Imperative Of Our Time

"Nobody is ever just a refugee. Nobody is ever just a single thing," she said. "We dehumanize people when we reduce them to a single thing and this dehumanization is insidious and unconscious." Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Rice Field

#4 – A Breakthrough In Africa’s Rice Production

The first hybrid rice varieties developed in sub-Saharan Africa are yielding up to four times more than other improved varieties. Scientists are using web-based tools to identify the right climate conditions to maximise harvests. Read More >> Source: Mail & Guardian

  • Guinea Midwife

#5 – Guinea’s Maternal Health Is Shocking

The situation for newborn babies and their mothers in this west African country is dire. Of every 1,000 babies born in Guinea, 123 die before their fifth birthday. For every 100,000 live births, 724 women die. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • Zim SA March

#6 – Protesters Say Mugabe Won’t Make It To Year End

“We, on behalf of the campaign, announce a national shutdown on 31 August 2016. The national shutdown is a correct footing into the red zone of the campaign.” Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Seaweed

#7 – Zanzibar Is Unable To Increase Production Of Sushi Covering

It's one of the world’s largest producers of seaweed, but a mystery disease thought to be caused by warming oceans is hindering this. Because of climate change, the water temperature is heating yet the seaweed needs cool water. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Jean Ping

#8 – Ping Declares Himself Victorious In Gabon

The former head of the African Union Commission declared himself the winner of a presidential poll held this weekend, calling on his rival, incumbent president Ali Bongo, to “acknowledge his defeat.” Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • SAA

#9 – South African Carrier Needs A $1bn To Cover Debts

State-owned South African Airlines is seeking secured and unsecured funding with a 3 to 15 year duration and wants to start drawing down the amount within two weeks of signing the loan agreement. Read More >> Source: CNBC Africa

  • Borno wedding

#10 – Life After Boko Haram

A year after the retreat of Boko Haram fighters, music and dance are making a comeback in the Nigerian state of Borno. Events such as birthdays and weddings, which were once impossible due to the threat posed by Boko Haram, are now openly celebrated in the streets. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera