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  • Jake Meme

#1 – Ghanaian Boy Becomes The Darling Of Social Media

If you have been searching and wondering about the origin of the famous meme of a young African boy seated at a desk, with a pensive look on his face, frantically writing on a piece of paper, your search is finally over. Read More >> Source: This Is Africa

  • Migrant Rescue

#2 – Why Are More African Migrants Dying Before They Get To Europe?

The reasons are manifold. They stem from the unintended consequences of hard-nosed decisions by governments, as well as the inevitable consequences of reckless decisions by smugglers. Read More >> Source: Washington Post

  • Eritrea fighter jets

#3 – Eritrean Fighter Pilots Detour During Drill

This is the first time Eritrean pilots have defected to Ethiopia with their jets, but there have been reports of the East African country's pilots defecting to Saudi Arabia since 2012. Read More >> Source: New York Times

  • New sniffer rats

#4 – From Labs To The Frontline: These Rodents Are On A New Mission

Elite rat team to begin by spotting illegal shipments of pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animal, at ports in Tanzania. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • Wakuu Designers

#5 – Wakuu Suits Aims To Disrupt The African And European Fashion Industry

Suits made by a team of Nairobi designers and tailors from the Kenyan slum of Kibera are now being shown on the catwalks of Europe. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • South african wine workers

#6 – Why Is Denmark Refusing To Stock South African Wines?

An investigation by Danish filmmaker Tom Heinemann revealed appalling living and working conditions of farm workers in South Africa’s wine region. The film depicts long working hours in harsh weather, decrepit living conditions, exposure to toxic pesticides and the perpetuation of the “dop system”. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • cyber-crime

#7 – The Biggest Terror Threat To Africa Right Now

Cyber crime has become a threat to government and corporations worldwide and data breaches are now considered one of the leading risks to businesses today. The increase in cyber crime has been more rapid in Lagos and other major African cities such as Cairo, Johannesburg, and Nairobi than in any other area of the world. Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

  • angolan businesswomen Isabel dos Santos

#8 – Is Africa’s Richest Woman The Right Person For The Job?

Angola’s Supreme Court has asked President José Eduardo dos Santos to respond to an inquiry on why he appointed his daughter as head of the state oil firm. Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

  • hair bundles extension

#9 – Senegal’s New Booming Business

The demand for human and synthetic hair extensions continues to grow on the continent. Some estimates have valued the market at about 600 million dollars a year. Read More >> Source: CCTV Africa

  • Atlantic Sea Swells

#10 – It’s Unusually Hot In North Africa These Days

A large autumn Atlantic storm system has been circulating off the coast of Morocco. It has brought a near constant west-southwesterly wind in western Sahara, across northwest Africa and into southern Spain. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

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