Flag of Mauritania

Mauritania Flag Description. Green with a yellow five-pointed star above a yellow, horizontal crescent; the closed side of the crescent is down; the crescent, star, and color green are traditional symbols of Islam.

Map of Mauritania
Meaning of Country’s name Latin for “land of the Moors”. Misnamed after the classical Mauretania in northern Morocco, itself named after the Berber Mauri or Moor tribe
Capital Nouakchott
Largest Cities Nouakchott, Noudhibou, Chinguetti, Barkewol
Population 3,291,000 (2009 est)
Country Code 222
Internet Country Code .mr
Area 397,954 sq mi (1,030,700 km sq)
Area-Comparative Slightly larger than three times the size of New Mexico
Bordering Countries Algeria, Mali, Senegal, Western Sahara, Morocco
Date of Founding (Current State) November 28,1960
Type of Government Islamic Republic
Languages Spoken French, Arabic, Fulfulde, Tamashek, Soninke, Wolof
Religions Practiced Islam (99%)
GDP per Capita $2,037 (2009 est) (USD)
Latest GDP Growth Rate 1.5% (2009 est)
Top Exports Ores, Mineral Fuels, Oil, Fish, Precious Stones
National Holidays New Year’s Day – January 1, Mouloud (Prophet’s Birthday) – February 26, Labor Day – May 1, African Liberation Day (Anniversary of the OAU’s Foundation) – May 25, Armed Forces’ Day – July 10, Korite (End of Ramadan) – Sept 11, Tabaski (Feast of the Sacrifice) – November 17, Independence Day – November 28, Islamic New Year – December 7
Money Currency Ouguiya (MRO)
National Sports Teams Mauritania National Basketball Team, Mauritania National Football Team, Mauritania National Rugby Union Team
Random Fact Two-thirds of Mauritania is desert and the desert is expanding southwards every year.

NEWS From Mauritania

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