Flag of Malawi

Malawi Flag Description. Three equal horizontal bands of black (top), red, and green with a radiant, rising, red sun centered in the black band.

Map of Malawi
Meaning of Country’s name Remained unclear, but concluded to mean ‘glitter of the sun rising across the lake’
Capital Lilongwe
Largest Cities Blantyre, Lilongwe
Population 17,377,468 (2014 est)
Country Code 265
Internet Country Code .mw
Area 45,747 sq mi (118,484 km sq)
Area-Comparative Slightly smaller than Pennsylvania
Bordering Countries Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania
Date of Founding (Current State) July 6,1964
Type of Government Multi-party Democracy
Languages Spoken English, Chichewa, Lomwe, Yao, Ngoni, Tumbuka
Religions Practiced Christian (82%), Muslims (13%), Others (5%)
GDP per Capita $900.00 (USD)
Latest GDP Growth Rate 5% (2013 est)
Top Exports Tobacco, Sugarcane, Cotton, Tea, Corn, Potatoes, Cassava, Sorghum, Pulses, Groundnuts, Macadamia Nut Cattle
National Holidays New Year’s Day – January 1, Chilembwe Day – January 15, Martyrs’ Day – March 3, Good Friday – Variable, Easter Monday – Variable, Labor Day – May 1, Kamuzu Day – May 14, Republic Day – July 6, Mothers’ Day – October 15, Christmas Day – December 25, Boxing Day – December 26
Money Currency Kwacha (MWK)
National Sports Teams National Football Team, Malawi National Netball Team, Malawi National Cricket Team, Rugby Union
Random Fact Malawi is divided into three regions, further divided into twenty-seven districts

NEWS From Malawi

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