(This is a six-part series on rural tourism in Southern Morocco, told through members of the newly formed rural tourism association, Réseau de Développement Touristique Rural (RDTR), located in the Souss Massa Draa Region in Southern Morocco. Previous posts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)

Food is served in M'hand guest house Morocco, Africa

Lunch is served in M’hand guest house Morocco, Africa

Just a stone’s throw from Hotel des Cascades lies M’hand’s authentic guest house. A cousin of Hotel des Cascades’ owner, Mr. Jamal Atbir, M’hand welcomes guests into the traditional Berber household he shares with his family in the quaint village of Tiskjji, situated within the lush Imouzzer valley.

Descending into the valley and onto the inn’s property, one passes the town of Tamarout, celebrated for its lush falls. After being greeted at the door by M’hand and his wife and children—who scamper, carefree, about the property—one is welcomed inside for a snack. Sweet Moroccan tea is served on handcrafted poufs in traditional salons and freshly-baked breads are drizzled with homemade and locally-sourced honey and argan butter. M’hand’s family often hosts visitors on day trips who come to his home to tour for the day and have a meal—and in this latter he does not disappoint.

On the property, an inner-facing courtyard features high columns decorated regally with red, yellow and blue accents. A mote surrounded by palm trees provides serene and scenic sights out back.

M'hand guest house lounging room in Morocco, Africa

A lounge room in M’hand guest house Morocco, Africa

With an emphasis on imparting to its visitors an authentic Moroccan experience, M’hand’s home features a traditional hammam, private tea and dining rooms—and the inn is even outfitted with the customary equipment used to produce argan oil. (Demonstrations on how argan oil is made are available upon request.) In recent years, this resource has gained popularity in the western world due to its increased use in haircare and cosmetics products. It is currently produced almost exclusively by local women’s cooperatives in Morocco’s rural south.

For more information on M’hand’s guesthouse, please contact Hotel des Cascades to arrange a visit by calling +212-5-28-82-60-23 or +212-5-28-21-88-08 or email cascadeshotel@gmail.com.

As this brings to a close our six-part series on rural tourism in Morocco, we hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual visits to five exciting, up-and-coming rural tourism destinations. So many travelers to Africa today seek authenticity in their journeys. Visiting places like the ones covered in our series only serves to remind that venturing out of one’s comfort zones can uncover hidden touristic gems—and help support local communities in the process.


Douar Tiskjii, Ida Ou Tanane