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Thinking about making a move to the continent for business, family, or adventure? The Top 10 Most Liveable Cities in Africa.

Here is our list of the Top 10 Universities in Africa – 2015 Edition

South Africa is known to have some of the best universities in Africa. Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Universities in South Africa.
To qualify as a Power Couple, each individual must be powerful in their own right, with a source of power that is independent from their powerful spouse. Here’s our picks for Top 10 African Power Couples.
If we could style Michelle Obama in looks from Africa’s hottest fashion houses, here are a few designers we would choose. Top 10 African Fashion Designers
Africa.com takes a closer look at some of the continent’s biggest and best finds.  Here’s the Top 10 Dazzling Diamonds & Other African Gems
Put on your bib and get ready to tuck into some delicious dishes from across the continent. Top 10 Recipes for Great African Eats
Here’s a taste of some of the most popular African street food to discover during your travels. Top 10 African Street Food
From music to acting to stand up comedy, a great number of gifted entertainers emerge every year to stake their claim with undeniable authority.  Here’s the  Top 10 African Stars to Watch in 2016
From game meats from the South to the spicy dishes of the North, West and East of Africa, there is an array of tastes from the continent for the world to choose from. Top 10 African Restaurants
From Lagos to Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam, artists have been churning out hits after hits in 2015. Here’s a look at the Top 10 African Music Videos of 2015
  • couple embracing in a pool

Top Five Ways to Impress Your Valentine in Cape Town

It’s coming up on that time of the year when you have to let your inner hopeless romantic shine for that special someone. With so many things to do for Valentine’s Day, it can be [...]

  • Foodie destinations in Africa, african cuisine

Spicy, Medium, Mild: Top Foodie Destinations in Africa

African cuisine is as diverse and fascinating as the continent’s history, cultures, and traditions. With a fusion of tastes and flavours, as well as some of the unique foods in the world, the continent is [...]

  • mozambikes bicycles

Ten African Startups to Watch

The 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa has come and gone, but the lessons learnt at the fruitful summit held in Rwanda remains relevant. Among other topics discussed at the three-day event was the digital economy [...]

  • top african instagram accounts to follow

African Instagrammers: Who to Follow

Instagram has become an essential part of our lives, allowing us to show the world what we’re getting up to. But the photo-sharing site is also a platform for people to showcase their creativity, whether [...]

  • Helen Paul
  • Eddie Kadi
  • Celeste Ntuli
  • Kagiso Lediga
  • Egyptian-American Shaher Ronnie Khalil
  • Anne Kansiime
  • Loyiso Gola

Top African Comedians

If laughter is the best medicine, then Africa is surely the pharmacy. Over the last decade, African comedy has showed immense growth and gained popularity, producing some of the best comedians the world has ever [...]

  • Ugandan born Christopher Ategeka is the founder and CEO of Rides For Lives, which is a company that provides mobile healthcare to rural communities in Kampala.
  • young african leader Senai Wolderufael from Ethiopia
  • Samah al-Gadi is a 32-year-old Sudanese entrepreneur who won the first season of the popular Sudanese entrepreneurial TV show Mashrouy.
  • Refilwe Ledwaba, young african leader, south africa
  • Mabel Suglo is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Ghana who is the founder of the Eco-Shoes Project, which is an initiative and company that manufactures shoes and accessories from discarded tyres and recycled materials.
  • Botswana’s Lebogang Maruapula is the regional ambassador for Girl Rising; an international movement which brings awareness on equal opportunities for girls as well as the co-founder of The Goddess Foundation, which focuses on women empowerment for young women through mentorship and education.
  • Kayli Vee Levitan is a South African copywriter, blogger and co-founder of the successful philanthropic initiative, The Street Store.
  • Twenty-four year-old Nigerian medical scientist, Haneefa Adam, gave the popular Barbie doll a makeover.
  • Ugandan born Christopher Ategeka is the founder and CEO of Rides For Lives, which is a company that provides mobile healthcare to rural communities in Kampala.
  • Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is the founder and CEO of SoleRebels; a footwear company that is the world’s first Fairtrade Certified footwear by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Young African Leaders Making a Positive Change

Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 200 million people between the ages of 15 and 24. According to the World Bank, youth account for 60 percent of all unemployed people on the [...]

  • Chigozie-Obioma
  • African author Lauren Beukes
  • portrait of african author Tendai Huchu
  • african author taiye selasi

Top 10 Contemporary African Authors

Authors such as Chinua Achebe, Nadine Gordimer and recently Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie have set the stage for African authors to be noticed globally. According to blogger Minna Salami, interconnectivity and technology has increased access to [...]

  • photograph of fashion designers Nelly and Nelsa Guambe
  • Angolan fashion designers Shunnoz Fiel and Tekasala Ma'at Nzinga
  • dress designs by South African Fashion Designer, Laz Yani

10 African Fashion Designers to Watch

African fashion designers are staking their claim on the international stage. Apart from using traditional African fabrics, designers on the continent have also gone ahead to experiment and create beautiful designs using fabrics from [...]

  • african restaurant Pero Restaurant and Lounge, TORONTO-b
  • african restaurant 280 degrees, london
  • african restaurant Kiza, DUBAI

Top 10 African Restaurants

African cuisine is fast gaining momentum on the world culinary stage. From game meats from the South to the spicy dishes of the North, West and East of Africa, there is an array of tastes [...]

  • Abraham-Attah, 14-year-old breakout star
  • Mankind, eccentric alternative pop band

10 African Stars to Watch in 2016

Africa is home to extraordinary talent. From music to acting to stand up comedy, a great number of gifted entertainers emerge every year to stake their claim with undeniable authority. 2015 was a great year [...]

  • Top Viral Moments of 2015 3

Top Viral Moments of 2015

As we approach the end of 2015, it is safe to say it was a year filled with exciting, embarrassing and inspiring African moments. Many are now floating around the web as Memes, GIFs, Vines, [...]

  • Adeles Hello in top African-searches

Top Google Searches in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world in size and population after Asia. With over 1 billion people, Africa accounts for 16% of the world’s population, and according to Internet World Stats, currently [...]

What is our Methodology?

First, all of our lists have a somewhat subjective quality, we rely on both quantitative and qualitative data to make each list.

Second, we consider the nature of the list and set parameters that make sense.  For example, in our most livable cities list, made a determination to only consider cities in continental Africa. For example, without making a human judgment, Port Louis of Mauritius would have appeared on our list, and in fact, has appeared on other lists of the most liveable cities in Africa. While we admire Port Louis, we think that it is not a fair to compare the capital city of what is largely a resort island to the major metropolitan cities on the continent, so we excluded island cities.

Third, we aggregate data primarily from African sources, so as to remove a Western bias. For example, we used the Ibrahim Index as a primary source in evaluating safety and security, rather than similar reports from Western governments in an effort to see Africa through the eyes of Africans.

Fourth, in addition to collecting quantitative data on the criteria, we use our extensive network on the continent for qualitative input as a “reality check” to the results that our data yields. These “reality checks” often result in some small, but important adjustments to the list.

We hope that this information provides a basis for understanding our approach. We are very proud of our lists and hope that they are a useful tool for those who seek a relative analysis of a variety of topics. As always, we welcome your feedback.