Flag of Libya

Libya Flag Description. Plain green; green is the traditional color of Islam (the state religion).

Map of Libya
Meaning of Country’s name Local tribesmen were called Libues in Greek, which was later latinized into Libyes
Capital Tripoli
Largest Cities Tripoli, Benghazi, Homs, Mistratah, Zawiyah
Population 6,244,174
Country Code 218
Internet Country Code .ly
Area 679,362 sq mi (1,759,540 km sq)
Area-Comparative Slightly larger than Alaska
Bordering Countries Egypt, Saudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria, Tunisia
Date of Founding (Current State) November 21, 1949
Type of Government Socialist Military Dictatorship
Languages Spoken Arabic (majority), Berber and Tamohek (minority)
Religions Practiced Sunni Muslims (97%) Jews, Christians, Others (1%)
GDP per Capita $11,300 (USD)
Latest GDP Growth Rate -5.1%
Top Exports Natural Gas, Petroleum Products, Oil
National Holidays Jamahiriya Day – March 2, British Evacuation Day – March 28, American Evacuation Day – June 11, National Day – September 1, Day of Mourning – October 26, Independence Day – December 24
Money Currency Dinar (LYD)
National Sports Teams Libya Davis Cup Team, Libya National Futsal Team, Libya National Basketball Team
Random Fact It’s illegal to consume alcohol in Libya; with the internet country code of .ly, several companies have registered there to create interesting names including the popular website

NEWS From Libya

  • Political Isolation Law Claims First Victim

    [Magharebia]Tripoli -Libya's first elected government since the fall of Moamer Kadhafi is witnessing a wave of departures.

  • Libya Deports 1500 Africans

    [Daily Trust]Many Nigerians and some other African nationals are now stranded in Agadas, Niger Republic after been deported by Libyan author...

  • UN Calls for Active Participation of Women in Drafting of New Constitution

    [UN News]The United Nations today called on Libya to ensure women in the country actively participate in the drafting of the new constitutio...

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