Flag of Liberia

Liberia Flag Description. Three horizontal stripes of blue (top), white, and green in the proportions of 3:4:3; the colors represent rain, peace, and prosperity respectively; centered in the white stripe is a black Basotho hat representing the indigenous people; the flag was unfurled in October 2006 to celebrate 40 years of independence.

Map of Liberia
Meaning of Country’s name Liberia was settled by freed American slaves; the name Liberia, taken from Latin, means land of the free.
Capital Monrovia
Largest Cities Monrovia, Gbarnga, Kakata
Population 4,092,310 (2014)
Country Code 231
Internet Country Code .lr


119,369 square kilometers
Area-Comparative Slightly larger than Tennessee
Bordering Countries Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone
Date of Founding (Current State) July 26, 1847
Type of Government Republic
Languages Spoken English and twenty ethnic languages
Religions Practiced Christian, Muslim
GDP per Capita $700 (USD)
Latest GDP Growth Rate 8.1%
Top Exports Rubber, timber, iron
National Holidays 1 Jan New Year’s Day, 7 Jan Pioneer’s Day, 11 Feb Armed Forces Day, Second Wed of Mar Decoration Day, 15 Mar JJ Roberts Day, Second Friday of April Fast and Prayer Day, 14 May National Unification Day, 26 July Independence Day, 24 Aug Flag Day, First Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day, 29 Nov William Tubman’s Birthday, 25 Dec Christmas
Money Currency Liberian Dollar
National Sports Teams Lone Stars (Football), Liberia Basketball Federation
Random Fact Only country in Africa colonized by the United States and first country in Africa to elect a woman as president

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