An LG TV in kenya, Africa

LG Television

If Nigeria is home to the most private jets on the continent, then Kenya is land of the high-end television set. Late last year, Sony and Sharp released Ultra Definition television sets valued at 1 million Kenyan Shillings. Not to be outdone, home appliances maker LG has recently released the first ever 84-inch Ultra Definition television into the Kenyan market. It’s price tag? Sh1,799,999 (roughly $21,000 USD).

Its high price point has garnered a lot of attention. Said Journalist Stanley Wabomba on Twitter: “If you have Sh1.8 million, kindly be informed that LG Electronics is selling an 84-inch ultra HD TV for that amount.”

So what does Sh1.8 million get you? Ultra High Definition resolution–which is four times the resolution of standard 1080 pixels, 3D capability, gaming settings, and a “magic remote” that allows users to input commands through gestures and voice commands.

Currently, the TV is only available in Nairobi’s two LG outlets. As it has not been launched officially, the TV has not been advertised. Total number of TVs sold so far? 3 in the past month.

LG: the latest company to use Kenya as a high-end product release point

While clearly not meant for the masses, LG’s 84 inch behemoth of a television demonstrates that more and more manufacturers are using Kenya as a launching point for their electronic goods. Absent from the Kenyan market for years, Sharp released the aforementioned high definition television last year, and said that it hoped to capture 20% of the market. Sony–the other manufacturer in the Sh1 Million club–announced in 2012 that it would be opening up 3 new showrooms in Kenya in 2013. Sony also announced that it will be moving its African headquarters from Dubai to Nairobi to direct its entry into 15 African markets.

And lastly for those who are currently short of Sh1.8 million, low-end Indian manufacturer Santosh entered the Kenyan market last year. Replicating its business plan from India in Africa, Santosh is targeting rural areas first, and urban areas second.

Do you think the new LG 84-inch television is worth it? Would you buy one if you had the money? Let us know in the comments section below.