The African continent contains many more countries than just South Africa and Egypt.

Think you have what it takes to decode a map of Africa?

Test yourself with’s geography game!

Whether you know the map down pat, or if you’re learning about Africa for the very first time, our geography game will teach you where countries are located and who their neighbors are.

Here’s how to play:

  • Click “Start,” and a country’s name will appear at the top
  • Click the space on the map that you think is where the country is located
  • If you get it right the first time, the space will turn green, and you’ll be given a new country to find!
  • If you get it right the second time, the space will turn yellow
  • If you get it right the third time, the space will turn orange
  • If it takes four or more tries for you to get it right, the space will turn red

You’ll have to find the right space for your country before moving on!

This game is sure to teach anyone, young and old, about the incredible geography of Africa. Good luck!”