Musee de Tipasa (Algeria)
Telephone: 213 1 47 75 43

Musee d’ Hippone (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 (0)37 83 71 71

The National Museum of CIRTA (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 (0)31 93 33 08
Telephone: +213 (0)31 93 40 50
Fax: +213 (0)31 92 33 19

The Museum of Antiquities (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 (0)21 74 66 86
Telephone: +213 (0)21 74 74 71

The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 (0)21 71 34 14

The Cherchell Museum (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 (0)24 44 61 84

The National Gallery of Fine Arts – Musee des Beaux Arts (Algiers)
Telephone: +213 21 66 49 16
Fax: 213 21 662054

The Bardo National Museum (Algeria)
Telephone: +213 21 74 76 41
Musee National Zabana – Demaeght Museum(Algeria)
Telephone: +213 41 403781

The Museum of the Revolution (Algeria)
Address: Street of the Army of Algerian National Release Ghardimaou, 8160
Telephone: 78662077

The Musée de Tipasa is a museum of archeological artifacts from the Greeks, Romans and Phonecians. Muséed’ Hippone showcases information about the ancient Roman culture of the city of Annaba, Algeria, and the Musée National Ahmed Zabana houses exhibits on the battle for independence, a natural history collection, ancient sculptures and mosaics.

inside a museum in Algeria Africa

The National Museum of CIRTA displays Roman artifacts discovered by archaeologists in and around the city of Constantine, while the National Museum of Antiquities and Islamic Art (Musée National des Antiquités) displays antique mosaics, Islamic art and Roman glass work and sculptures. Another museum devoted to art is the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions , which is located in the Kasbah and focuses on Algerian artists, along with some international works.

Tourists may also visit the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Algiers, which was founded in 1930 and the Bardo National Museum, which includes exhibits of rock paintings from the Tassili N’Ajjer National Park.

The Museum of the Revolution displays a collection of memorabilia from Algeria’s war of independence against France, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art focuses on the artistic talents of Algerians. Cherchell Museum, located in the seaport town of Cherchell, contains Roman and Greek artifacts. Also, Beni Abbes Museum is a resource dedicated to desert fauna, fossils and Algerian arts and crafts.

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