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Obama’s Blunder at the Bank

Jagdish Bhagwati criticizes President Obama for nominating Jim Yong Kim to the World Bank presidency over candidates who would pursue pro-reform, pro-growth policies.


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Thursday, 02-26-15Security and Democratic Governance in NigeriaJohn Campbell, CFR’s Ralph Bunche senior fellow for Africa policy studies, discusses the political and security implications of Nigeria’s Independent National Elections Commission’s decision to postpone the February 14, 2015 presidential elections until March 28, 2015, as part of CFR's Academic Conference Call series.
Thursday, 02-26-15Apartheid's Long ShadowApartheid’s legacy of mistrust and prejudice has prevented South Africa from establishing a truly stable multiracial democracy. But increasing contact among the races and the emergence of a black middle class offer hope of reducing the role of race in national politics.
Monday, 02-23-15Power to the PoorInternational donors have many compelling causes to choose from, but reducing energy poverty—a plight afflicting over two billion people—should rank among the very top. The poor need energy to alleviating all their other problems, from poor health to unemployment to instability.
Friday, 02-06-15Nigeria's 2015 Presidential ElectionThe 2015 elections again may precipitate violence that could destabilize Nigeria, and Washington has even less leverage in Abuja than it did in 2011. CFR Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies John Campbell analyzes new concerns about Nigeria's fraught politics.
Thursday, 01-15-15Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower?Last month, Soma Oil and Gas, a London based energy company, searching for hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Somalia, announced that it had completed a seismic survey to ascertain the potential for recoverable oil and gas deposits. Although further details have yet to be released, chief executive Rob Sheppard announced that the results were encouraging. However, Somalia, and potential investors, should proceed with caution when considering entering this frontier market.
Monday, 01-05-15Africa CallingBorn in northern Sudan in 1946, Mo Ibrahim received a scholarship to Alexandria University, in Egypt, and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1968.
Monday, 01-05-15Who Lost Congo?Stephen Weissman should be congratulated for his excellent research on the CIA’s involvement in Congo’s internal politics immediately after inde­pendence (“What Really Happened in Congo,” July/August 2014).
Monday, 12-29-14The Monster in the SeaLaurie Garrett travels to the Liberian border village of Jene-Wonde, and reveals the dangers in declaring victory over Ebola.
Wednesday, 12-24-14Pushing Ebola to the Brink of Gone in LiberiaPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is fighting a grueling battle against the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. But, as Laurie Garrett learns in an interview with the president, she's not winning plaudits at home.
Tuesday, 12-16-14Domestic Politics and China's Health Aid to AfricaThis study explores the role of domestic politics in China’s health-related development assistance to Africa. It identifies domestic politics as a constant, even critical, component in shaping and structuring China’s health aid to Africa.

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