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FT: My Vision for the World Bank

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala puts forward three major challenges--creating jobs, investing in the human capital of the poor, and building institutions--that she expects to pursue if chosen to lead the World Bank.


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Monday, 10-06-14The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit - What’s Next?Dr. Jendayi Frazer explores four areas prominently featured during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which took place in Washington, DC in August 2014. She discusses how the Obama administration can help solidify the initial steps taken at the Summit for long-term U.S. involvement with the African continent.
Friday, 10-03-14Combating Ebola: What Can Africa Learn From China?Yanzhong Huang notes the limited public health infrastructure in certain West African countries that are currently battling the spread of Ebola, which is a similar phenomenon to that which occurred in China during the 2003 SARS outbreak. Dr. Huang stresses the importance of foreign aid, particularly Chinese funds, to slow the spread of Ebola but points out that dependence on foreign aid is ultimately an unsustainable public health strategy.
Wednesday, 10-01-14Media Conference Call: Ebola in the U.S. (Audio)Listen as Laurie Garrett, CFR senior fellow for global health, discusses the recent arrival of a traveler infected with Ebola in the United States, as well efforts to combat the virus's rapid spread throughout West Africa.
Wednesday, 10-01-14Media Conference Call: Laurie Garrett on EbolaLaurie Garrett, CFR's senior fellow for global health, discusses the recent arrival of a traveler infected with Ebola in the United States, as well as the virus' rapid spread throughout West Africa.
Monday, 09-29-14Ebola and West Africa: Three Things to KnowA greater international response is required to help West African governments overcome major logistical challenges in responding to Ebola, says CFR Senior Fellow John Campbell.
Monday, 09-29-14Hollow Words and an Exponential HorrorObama called the world to action against Ebola, but most countries are only paying lip service to the coming catastrophe. Laurie Garrett asks two questions about this newly announced war on Ebola in this article for Will personnel and resources reach West Africa rapidly enough to dam the viral flow, and will the nations of the world learn from this disaster to build institutions and long-term targets that prevent pandemics in the future?
Wednesday, 09-24-14Confronting the Ebola OutbreakCFR Senior Fellow Laurie Garrett discusses the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the evolving global response with professors and students, as part of CFR's Academic Conference Call series.
Thursday, 09-18-14Epic Failures Feeding Ebola CrisisWest Africa's Ebola outbreak is outpacing current efforts to contain and combat it, says CFR's Laurie Garrett.
Tuesday, 09-16-14White House Fact Sheet: U.S. Response to the Ebola Epidemic in West AfricaPresident Barack Obama spoke with health experts at the Center for Disease Control on September 16, 2014, and the White House relased this fact sheet to outline U.S. actions to combat Ebola in West Africa and to contain its spread, including sending health workers, military forces, and medical supplies, funding vaccine development, and supporting public service announcements and education about the disease.
Tuesday, 09-16-14Can the US Army Degrade and Destroy Ebola?As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa accelerates beyond the capacity to count its toll, an unprecedented escalation in global support is evident, led by U.S. President Barack Obama's call for U.S. military intervention. In this op-ed for Foreign Policy, Laurie Garrett argues, "Nothing short of heroic, record-breaking mobilization is necessary at this late stage in the epidemic."

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