• Johannesburg Pool

#7 – There Are All Sorts Of Ways To Befriend A City

"Johannesburg, I decided, might not have much going on in the way of natural beauty, but its pools are excellent." Read More >> Source: New Yorker

  • birthright-africa

Birthright Africa: Discover Your Roots And Uncover Your Greatness

Birthright AFRICA uses experiential travel and project-based learning that inspires African American youth and young adults to explore their legacy of innovation which instills pride, enhances self-efficacy, and sparks their creativity to fulfill leadership and entrepreneurial aspirations. Birthright Africa is [...]

  • Guinea Rally

#8 – Trouble Brewing In Guinea As Opposition Mobilises

A man has been shot dead by police at an anti-government rally in Guinea’s capital, after more than half a million people protested against alleged state corruption. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • tanzania railway

#8 – Tanzania Receives Funds For Infrastructure Projects

The planned standard-gauge railway line will improve regional trade links and help to boost the economies of Tanzania and its landlocked neighbours including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read More [...]

  • Juba Clashes

#4 – South Sudan On Knife Edge

Residents say the smell of death still lingers in the air, after dozens of people were killed in violence in the capital Juba. It’s calm now, but many fear that it won’t last. Read More [...]

  • Israeli hostages released in Entebbe after plane was hijacked

#7 – Putting Back The Pieces Of The Israel Plane Hostage

Forty years ago, an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris with more than 250 passengers and crew was hijacked before landing in Entebbe, Uganda. Now original items have been gathered to preserve the [...]

  • Sightseeing in Africa

#9 – The Africa Of What Was Rather Than What Is

Africa is renowned for its many Safari experiences. Though most Safari experiences have been commercialised at this point due to their popularity, there are still a few destinations that can offer travellers a taste of [...]

  • zanu youth march

#5 – A Million Zimbabweans March For Mugabe On Africa Day

The youth of the ruling party say the march is to honour President Robert Mugabe, Africa's oldest ruler. Read More >> Source: The Herald

  • Police car

#2 – Islamic State Says It Killed 8 Egyptian Police

Their white police van was ambushed in the early hours of Sunday morning in the southern district of Helwan. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Malaria

#2 – Good News On Africa’s Fight Against Malaria

Within the next four years, six nations in Africa – the region where malaria is most prominent – could be free of the disease, the World Health Organization said in a report published Monday to [...]