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MBA Interns is looking for entrepreneurial and web-savvy business school interns. As a start-up, each team member wears multiple hats and is encouraged to participate in high-level discussions while executing in their area or projects of focus. We are looking for students currently pursuing an MBA to work with us on specific strategic and business development projects.

Your responsibilities will vary depending on your interests and areas of expertise. We are always looking at new business opportunities, which requires intensive work on everything from market research to business plan creation. We welcome students with experience at technology and media companies, as well as in the areas of e-commerce, marketing, sales, and advertising. Financial modeling skills are useful. All business school interns work directly with the senior management team in the execution of their project. Business school internships can be of any length of time.

For those interested in learning more, please send your CV and a short email explaining your interest to Internships generally take place at our head office in New York City, though other locations are possible based on fit and need.

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