In the spirit of this being the month of love, we’ve chosen the blog of Nigerian photographer Jide Odukoya, who among other things is known for his wedding photography.

Jide reportedly bought his first camera – a Canon 550D from his graphic design and branding business. That was the start of his photography career that has taken him to all corners of Nigeria. He tells us he started blogging in March 2011. “Then I began to tell my friends and some of my family members to check it out and help share too. The turnout was quite interesting. Then I began a daily photo blog where I post a picture each day”. His popularity grew so much that he was named the”Photoblog of the Year 2012″ at the Nigerian Blog Awards.

Jide describes his style as “basically journalistic” and one that stems for the streets. It’s that candid style that also influences his wedding photography. “I just leave the space to create its own unique story while I click away,” says Jide.

Jide Odukoya Photography of a woman taking a picture Nigeria, Africa

Jide Odukoya Wedding Photography.

“I am always in the lookout for something dramatic and momentous, and this is where the subtle interplay of posed and candid shots comes in”.

Jide has photographed dozens of weddings. We asked him to describe a typical Nigerian wedding celebration:

“Nigeria is a populous country filled with lots of energetic citizens from so many ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is ambitious to do his/her wedding ceremony in a grand style. The ceremony also includes exchange of pleasantries from each family and merriment. Although it varies from tribes and various ethnic groups, I particularly love how the story of the day unfolds. It’s usually very interesting. The emotions and tension involved is always great.”

jide odukoya photography of a bride smiling Nigeria, Africa

Jide Odukoya bride photography

“A lot of attention and importance is generally placed on the bride.
She is treated like a queen by everyone while the groom is made to pay the bride price, a token paid to the parent of the bride as fee to buy off the wife from them.”

Photographers notice the details. Jide says that over the past few years he has noticed the increasingly western influence seen in the choice of theme and style chosen by couples. He says there has “been this choice for heavy colors and a mix of contemporary themes”. “Although some still play old-school style, every couple wants to makes a statement on their day”. The most popular color trends he noticed last season? Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow and White.

jide odukoya photography of a couple having fun at a wedding Nigeria, Africa

Jide Odukoya wedding photography

In addition to this blog, Jide has another extensive online portfolio that you can visit HERE.


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