Funfere Koroye has a a thing for flowers. If its not on his shirt or jacket, the floral prints find its way to his cap. He says it reminds him of growing up and living in Nigeria.

Funfere Koroye posing with his flower attire Nigeria, Africa

Flower design
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“There is so much color and plant life. We dress colorfully and we eat colorfully. I guess Nigerians are like wild roses in a sense.”

The 23-year old is currently based in Florence, Italy pursuing a masters degree in shoe-making. Prior to moving to the home of the Italian Renaissance, he was a product design student in Milan. Before that? USA, where he studied industrial design. Where to next? Nigeria, after he graduates in December.

Funfere Koroye posing with his jungle design Nigeria, Africa

Jungle design.
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An art and fashion lover, Funfere started his blog just more than a year ago. We asked him who he posting for. “My initial audience was just anyone looking to see something fresh from an African. Nigerians tend to have a bad reputation and I wanted to be the change I desperately seek.”

Funfere, who describes himself as a storyteller, says response to his blog was initially slow, “since everyone has a blog these day”. Its only after he started adding narrative, he says, that more people started paying attention.”

Funfere Koroye posing with his colorful design attirre Nigeria, Africa

Colorful design.
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We love this blog because of Funfere’s bold choice in fashion. It’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s fabulous.


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