Allow us to introduce you to South African bloggers Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha – and the way they see things, differently.

South African Bloggers posing for a photo in Johannesburg South Africa, Africa.

Meadowlands, Johannesburg

Born in Soweto, just outside Johannesburg, the three recall fond memories of their childhood. It was one where they use to “make cars with bricks” and “walk around looking for places to do somersaults”. But as they got older they began to notice their reality was not what was being portrayed to the outside world. “Our experience was fun but the media was showing kids that were starving…”

South African bloggers taking a picture of kids in Soweto, South Africa, Africa

Orlando, Soweto

We wanted to document our childhood…
to show our family album to the world.”

In a TEDx talk, the trio share how this disparity inspired them to start taking photographs and post them on their blog ‘I See A Different You‘. A conscious decision was made from the start: “We decided to focus on the beauty, the positive side of Soweto”.

South African bloggers with an old woman in South Africa, Africa

Tshakuma, Venda

Through captivating images, the trio capture life from inside the township to the city streets. While most pictures are taken in Soweto and in-and-around Johannesburg’s CBD, we’re also treated to sights from Venda and Senegal. The photograph below was taken in St-Louis, Senegal:

south african bloggers posing for a picture in Sengal, Africa

St-Louis, Senegal

“Our ultimate goal is to make people see places differently,
because the world is missing out on amazing things.”

It’s perhaps best described as being part fashion, part documentation in its presentation. It’s the kind of blog will have you scrolling down till the very first post and leave you wanting more. It’s stylish, interesting, captivating and simply beautiful.


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