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On Tuesday, 8 January 2013, BloggingGhana announced the launch of Blogcamp 2013, a one-day social media event. For the second time, bloggers and social media enthusiasts from across the country will come together in Accra at the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) on Saturday, 23 March.

Launching Blogcamp 2013 on Twitter, Chair of BloggingGhana Kajsa Hallberg-Adu said this year’s event is dubbed “Content is King” to reflect how important local content is to the development of Ghana.

A Coordinator of the Blogcamp 2013, Edward Amartey-Tagoe, said BloggingGhana has observed the decrease in the upload of local content although more Ghanaians have migrated onto social media platforms. “We have however realised that there is a shift toward the use of these tools more for communication than for the provision of content online”. Amartey-Tagoe says this observation informed the BlogCamp’s choice of theme.

“Ghana must be represented by Ghana and people who have direct interaction with the country. We want to reverse the trend where one Googles Ghanaian terms only to land on a blog written by an individual, who perhaps has never lived in the country,” he adds.

CEO of Hatua solutions, a software solutions company in Ghana, Nehemiah Attigah, agrees with him . “We don’t create anymore and there’s the need to change that trend. We must push our own stories.”

The Ghana Social Media Hub banner by Bloggingghana, Ghana, Africa.

The Ghana Social Media Hub hosted by BloggingGhana.

Speaking about why BloggingGhana is organising a BlogCamp, Amartey-Tagoe indicated that “Theorganisation [BloggingGhana] through these workshops realised there was much interest in Blogging and social media”.

There was a need to connect Ghanaians who shared the interest. According to Tagoe, the first Blogcamp, which was organised on 5 May 2012, had more than 450 attendees, filling up the auditorium beyond its capacity. He says the organisation resolved to make it an annual event.

The Blogcamp will, for the first time, feature the Blogging and Social Media Awards to recognise Ghana’s content creators and to build more awareness about the positive uses and benefits of blogging. Nominations for various categories –  including Best Technology Blog, Best Citizen Journalism and News Blog, Best Creative, Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog and Best Activist Blog –   have been opened on and will close on 31 January to allow for judging.

Following from the Blog and Social Media Awards, the Blogcamp team has scheduled exciting campaigns and online engagements, which are expected to allow many Ghanaians online to participate in the lead up to the event day in March.

Blogcamp 2013 is sponsored by US Embassy, DKT International (Fiesta), Voltic Ghana, Born Again, A Thousand Words,, Dust Magazine, Citi FM, and the Be Bold Show.

According to Mrs. Hallberg-Adu, “the first ever Blog Awards in Ghana are to inspire more folks to create local content.” She added that “online people in Ghana have a responsibility to create”.


BloggingGhana is a membership based association for Ghanaian bloggers and social media enthusiasts, both in and outside of Ghana who write about the country.