Innovation in South Africa _

Business & Finance / Technology

This spring, I had the honor of joining seven journalists from the UK, US, China and South Africa on a tour of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Accompanied by guides from Brand SA, we met with leaders in technology, science and business to learn about ini [...]
senanu the scoop episode3

Spotlight / The Scoop

In this third episode of the new African talk how, “The Scoop,” Salim Amin chats to Group Deputy CEO of AccessKenya, Kris Senanu. Prior to joining AccessKenya in 2009 Senanu was the sales and marketing manager at Swift Global and holds [...]

Entrepreneur Showcase What is your background and how did you get started? I have always loved the process of bringing resources together to create a product. I have a BSC in Business Administration, a certificate in Enterprise Management from EDC, Pan Afric [...]
sophia the scoop

Spotlight / The Scoop

In this second episode of the new African talk how, “The Scoop,” Salim Amin chats to global entrepreneur, Sophia Bekele Eshete. Eshete has maintained a successful career track record spanning over a decade of constant professional activ [...]

Business & Finance / Commentary

As global investors and business leaders look to Africa as the next region of transformative economic growth, they are paying increasing attention to Nigeria. With about 170 million inhabitants, the country has long been the most populous in Africa, [...]
Lions go digital

Business & Finance / Commentary

Africa is the world’s second-fastest growing economic region, yet US engagement with the continent is lagging. There’s an opportunity to change that. The White House has invited some 50 African heads of state to Washington, DC, this week, present [...]
digital payments_14

Business & Finance / Commentary

Sub-Saharan Africa offers tantalizing potential for mobile financial services, but as yet there have been few success stories. One hurdle has been the lack of clear numbers on the size of the opportunity. Mobile financial services—often called mobi [...]
investment opportunities in africa

Business & Finance / Commentary

Private equity is set to grow rapidly across Africa. Continent-wide demand for capital should increase by 8 percent a year between now and 2018. Annual growth could reach 20 percent in resource-rich Angola and nine other countries, and $50 billion in [...]
salim amin jeff the scoop


In this first episode of the new African talk how, “The Scoop,”, Salim Amin chats to seasoned Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange, who currently hosts “Jeff Koinange Live (JKL),” on Kenyan TV station, KTN. Koinange previously served as a [...]
africa fashion week


Layers of diversity can be seen in New York during the month of September, when it is filled with two major seasonal events that fuel the city with a distinct energy. The city is awash with an assortment of culture and class, from government official [...]

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