There are a lot of resources to figure out where to go and what to take on safari, plenty of articles to tell you how beautiful Victoria Falls is, but how do you get the inside scoop on traveling to Africa if your agenda is all business?’s editors are experienced business travelers who travel the world on business, including extensive travel throughout Africa. When we fly into Accra, Ghana, we easily grab an official taxi that takes us to our hotel safely without much fuss. But we wouldn’t dare land in Lagos, Nigeria without having transportation lined up in advance, including the cell phone number of the driver assigned to us. When we are greeted by said driver at the airport, we use our own cell phone and dial the number we were given – we only go with purported driver once we confirm that his cell phone rings when we dial it. You have to be on your toes at the Lagos airport.

Lagos airport

Lagos Airport

We have traveled to all the major capital cities in Africa on business travel, and we will now share what we’ve learned with you.

  • Hotel websites often have nice pictures of swimming pools and gift shops, but where should I stay at if I want to be close to the central business district and have access to the business services?
  • How safe is it, really?
  • Will my cell phone work?
  • How easy will it be to check my emails?
  • Do I need to have a hotel transfer lined up in advance, or is it safe to land and just catch a cab at the airport?
  • If I am only in the country for 36 hours, do I really have to change my dollars/pounds/euros into local currency?
  • Will they take my corporate credit card, or will I have to explain to my boss that all transactions had to be done in cash?
  • Can I take money from ATMs?

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