Flag of Angola

Angola Flag Description. Two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and black with a centered yellow emblem consisting of a five-pointed star within half a cogwheel crossed by a machete (in the style of a hammer and sickle); red represents liberty, black the African continent, the symbols characterize workers and peasants.

Map of Angola
Meaning of Country’s name A fabric made from the wool of the Angola goat
Capital Luanda
Largest Cities Luanda, Huambo
Population 19,088,106 (est. 2014)
Country Code 244
Internet Country Code .ao
Area 481,354 mi² (1,246,700 km²)
Area-Comparative Slightly less than twice the size of Texas
Bordering Countries Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, and Zambia
Date of Founding (Current State) November 11, 1975
Type of Government Republic
Languages Spoken Portuguese (official), and Bantu languages (40%)
Religions Practiced Roman Catholic (40%), Protestant (15%), and indigenous beliefs (45%)
GDP per Capita $6,300 (est. 2013)
Latest GDP Growth Rate 5.6% (est. 2013)
Top Exports Crude Oil, refined Petroleum products, Gas
National Holidays New Year’s Day – Jan. 1, Martyrs of the Colonial Repression Day – Jan. 4, Start of Liberation War – Mar. 8, Labour Day – May 1, Africa Day – May 25, International Children’s Day – June 1, Nation’s Founder and National Heroes Day – Sep. 17, All Souls Day – Nov. 1, Independence Day – Nov. 1, and Christmas Day – Dec. 25
Money Currency Kwanza
National Sports Teams National Football Team, National Handball Team, National Women’s Handball Team, Davis Cup Tennis Team, National Basketball Team, National Women’s Basketball Team
Random Fact The two groups that fought for Angola’s independence, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), continued to fight over control of the country after independence was gained

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