What is Africa? Applause Africa invites its audience and panelists to answer this multi-faceted question on Saturday. Its event at the Brooklyn Museum entitled, “African Exchange: What is Africa?” also celebrates African Innovation, a new exhibit at the museum.

Introducing the topic will be Africa.com’s short film Africa Straight Up. The film which features African superstar Lira, MI and others challenges the often portrayed view of Africa in the media as a poverty, and war stricken region that has little to contribute to the world.

Yinka Shonibare’s “Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle”

Yinka Shonibare’s “Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle”

While the panelists, who range from activists from Congo and Sudan, to our very own general manager, Nneka Obiudu who hails from Nigeria, would agree that the traditional view of Africa is a stereotype, their views and experiences of Africa will no doubt be diverse.

Framing the discussion will be the Brooklyn Museum’s newly re-installed exhibit of African Art entitled African Innovation. While today’s news focuses on technological innovations, and Africa’s mobile boom, the exhibit forces its viewers to adopt a broader view of African innovation. The exhibit spans 2,500 years—beginning with ancient Nubia and Nok pieces, and ending with the international success of artists like Yinka Shonibare, who has shown his work in both the Tate in London and in the Institute for Contemporary Art in Lagos.

Following the film screening, and panel discussion, visitors will have a chance to check out the exhibit, and are invited to an afterparty featuring Sierra Leone’s Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew. As the event is part of the Brooklyn Museum: Target Free Saturdays, admission is free. For more information on the event, click here.  Hope to see you there!