There is only one day to go until the 2013 edition of the African Cup of Nations. In between reliving great matches, and anticipating opening match ups–Morocco and South Africa, anyone?–we took some time to look at numbers significant to the African Cup of Nations.

African cup of nations trophy

African cup of nations trophy

1957– The first Afcon ever is played with 3 countries participating: Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt

2015– The year South Africa was originally supposed to host the games, but with the turmoil in Libya, South Africa assumed hosting duties

16– The number of countries participating in 2013

1 country making its debut: Cape Verde

19 previous appearances made by Côte d’Ivoire, the most out of any nations competing

4 cups won by Ghana, the most out of any nation participating in these games

7 cups won by Egypt, the most ever, but who failed to qualify this year

400,000 tickets sold.

40,000 visitors expected to attend the games

2.3 billion expected television viewers

8 Million Euros: The amount Nigerian broadcasters must pay to air Afcon 2013

31 years since Ethiopia last participated in an Afcon

36 years since Morocco’s last Afcon championship

1996: The year host country South Africa joined the games–coinciding with its first and only championship

3 different trophies that have been awarded over the tournament’s history

In the end though, there are 16 teams, one trophy. Let the games begin! Are you tuning into watch the African Cup of Nations this year? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments section below, and follow us on facebook, and twitter for updates on Afcon 2013.