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UCLA researchers identify a potentially effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction

A new study by UCLA researchers has found that Naltrexone, a drug used to treat alcoholism, may also be a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine. to evaluate Naltrexone for treating methamphetamine addiction. Researchers analyzed 22 men and eight women who use methamphetamine an average of three to four days a week.

During a four day hospital stay, wholesale jerseys each person was each given either Naltrexone 25 milligrams the first two days, 50 milligrams on days three and four or a placebo daily. Ten days later, the subjects were readmitted to the hospital for four more days; those who had taken Naltrexone earlier were given placebos, and vice versa.

On the last day of each hospital visit, all participants were given intravenous doses of methamphetamine. Three hours later, the researchers asked how they felt and how much they wanted more of the Cheap Custom Jerseys drug.

The scientists found that Naltrexone significantly reduced the subjects’ craving for methamphetamine, and that it made them less aroused by methamphetamine: Subjects’ heart rates and pulse readings both were significantly higher when they were given the placebo than when they took Naltrexone. In addition, participants taking Naltrexone had lower cheap jerseys heart rates and pulses when they were presented with their drug paraphernalia than those who were given placebos.

Ray said the results indicated that Naltrexone reduced the rewarding effects of the drug those taking Naltrexone did not find methamphetamine to be as pleasurable and were much less likely to want more of it.

Naltrexone was well tolerated and had very minimal side effects. The researchers found that men and women both were helped by taking Naltrexone, although the positive effect on men was slightly smaller. It made no difference whether the participants were given Naltrexone during their first hospital stay or their second.

Naltrexone works by blocking opioid receptors in the brain. Ray said that in previous studies, people undergoing treatment for alcoholism reported getting less of a wholesale jerseys “high” wholesale jerseys china from drinking when they take Naltrexone.

Ray, whose research team studies the causes of drug and alcohol addiction and possible treatments, plans to examine whether Naltrexone would be more effective in combination with other pharmaceuticals and at different doses. Her Wholesale Football Jerseys China research is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and UCLA’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

Twenty five of the participants also underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, brain scans in UCLA’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Methamphetamine use disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that can cause psychosis and brain damage, and Cheap Football Jerseys for which no FDA approved medication exists. An estimated 12 million Americans have used methamphetamine, nearly 400,000 of whom are addicted to it, according cheap wholesale jerseys to recent estimates.

Although the new study is promising, it needs Cheap Football Jerseys China to be backed up by clinical trials, said Cheap Jerseys China Ray, who is also a member of the UCLA Brain Research Institute. and Katherine K. Pike Chair of Addiction Studies; Karen Miotto, a clinical professor in the department of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior; Steven Shoptaw, professor in the departments of family medicine and psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences; and Keith Heinzerling, an associate professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.Articles Connexes:

Rolling Stones soar at surprise L

showThe band Wednesday gig at the intimate Fonda Theatre was a triumph of passion and musical craft.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones perform at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The Rolling Stones ripped through the intimate Fonda Theatre Wednesday with enough energy to fuel their entire 15 city North American tour. The band announced Wednesday morning it would perform a “club show” that night to kick off its Zip Code tour, which launches Sunday in San Diego. The surprise concert at the 1,300 person capacity venue instantly sold out. (Jane Bouquet/The Rolling Stones via AP)

Share PhotoMick Jagger and the Rolling Stones perform at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The Rolling Stones ripped through the intimate Fonda Theatre Wednesday with enough energy to fuel their entire 15 city North American tour. The band announced Wednesday morning it would perform a “club show” that night to kick off its Zip Code tour, which launches Sunday in San Diego. The surprise concert at the 1,300 person cheap Michael Kors capacity venue instantly sold out. (Jane Bouquet/The Rolling fake cheap Michael kors handbags Stones via AP)LOS ANGELES The Rolling Stones performed Wednesday night at the intimate Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, but Mick Jagger had another city and a much larger venue on his mind.

“Sunday, we’re going to San Diego to play for San . San Diegans,” he told the audience of 1,200 in the vintage, art deco theater.

Jagger, improbably slender, fit and energetic at 71, is no stranger to Petco Park. The legendary band he has sung with since 1962 will officially open its 2015 cheap michael kors Zip Code stadium tour of North America on Sunday.

In 2005, the Rolling Stones became the first music act of any kind to headline at the then new San Diego baseball stadium. If the veteran band’s frequently rousing concert Wednesday provided an accurate gauge, Jagger and company haven’t lost a step in the intervening decade.

Their ability to still hit the ball out of the park, repeatedly, was reinforced by the group’s Hollywood show, which was announced late Wednesday morning and sold out in an instant.

The fact that tickets were priced at just $5 was likely less of an incentive than the rare opportunity to hear the Rolling Stones play in such an intimate setting. With the cheap replica michael kors exception of an unfocused version of their 1971 song, “Sway,” the concert was a triumph of craft and charisma that found the band performing with passion and infectious vigor throughout.

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“We haven’t been in Los Angeles in a couple of years,” Jagger said, referring to the replica cheap Michael Kors band’s 2013 Fifty Counting tour. “It’s discount michael kors a little bit smaller here than (at) the (20,000 capacity) Staples Center.

He then Michael Kors handbag outlet jokingly referred to a number of celebrities in the audience, several of whom most notably Clark Gable are long deceased. “And Taylor Swift is here with Dean Martin. Thank you, Dean! Love your work.”

Longtime fans surely savored the jab at Martin. The Rolling Stones appeared on his ABC variety show, “Hollywood Palace,” in June 1964, when Martin took pot shots at the band members’ then unfashionably long hair. The fact that the theater where “Hollywood Palace” was shot is only blocks away from the Fonda was surely not lost on Jagger.

His humor was also on good display when he told the audience Wednesday the Rolling Stones were going to do something they’d never done before, namely, play live all of the songs from “Sticky Fingers,” the band’s classic 1971 album.

“There used to be these (things called) records that went round and round,” Jagger said. “They had these cardboard covers that people looked at for hours and hours.”

It remains to be seen if Sunday’s Petco Park concert will include all, or just some, michael kors cheap of “Sticky Fingers.” Jagger has recently expressed concern that, in a stadium setting, playing all of the ballads from the album could be a risky, potentially momentum killing move.

But a small venue like the Fonda was perfectly suited for such an excursion and it was a treat to hear the band tackle such rarely performed songs as “You Gotta Move” and “Sister Morphine.” Intriguingly, the sequence of the songs was altered significantly from the “Sticky Fingers” album, mostly for the better.Articles Connexes:

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minority groups and improving the gender balance across sectors. I also cheap michael kors hope to outline how we can support more care leavers into training opportunities later this year. "This is an initial response to the report. Working in wholesale cheap gucci partnership with local government and other partners we will continue to engage with business and young people ahead of a full plan of action to be brought forward later this year."The 4.5 million funding includes: 3 million for a skills package, including piloting Foundation and Advanced apprenticeships; developing the careers advisory service and addressing gender segregation and assisting young disabled people and minority groups into training and employment programmes, 1 million to establish local employer partnerships, and 0.5 million to enable Education Scotland to be more focused on cheap michael kors supporting young people towards work. This funding is part of 12 million to support the youth workforce Christian Louboutin Store announced by the Scottish Government earlier this year. We will chi hair straighteners work with our partners in
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