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Africa.com is the leading Africa-related multi-media company serving Africa.  Through unique storytelling and creative news delivery, Africa.com produces engaging content focused on Africa.

Africa.com reflects the pulse of the continent and serves as a platform for Africans to create and share content with the world.  Visitors to Africa.com can experience interactive features, infographics, and multi-media functions including audio, video, blogs, podcasts and the popular Africa.com Top 10.

By leveraging its innovative resources, Africa.com is reaching Africa like no other company.

What We Do

We Read All The Africa News So You Don’t Have To

The Africa.com editors have made it easy by reading all of the African news published by African and western sources every day. They determine which are the most important stories and who wrote about them most effectively, then summarize those stories and disseminate the summaries along with links to the original sources. This helps people gain a perspective on the continent as a whole.

Africa.com distributes email newsletters to subscribers around the world every week. We offer the Top 10 in various forms: daily news, weekly news, business news, lifestyle stories, and travel stories.

Readers of the Africa.com Top 10 find it to be a very efficient way to stay on top of what is happening in the vast continent of Africa. Said one CEO of an African financial institution, “I don’t consider myself as being well read about Africa unless I read the Africa.com Top 10. Each week I find at least one story on a topic that I had not previously known about”.

For more information send an email to top10@africa.com

Telling Stories About Africa To Africans And The World

In her TED Talk by the same title, Nigerian author of Half of a Yellow Sun, Chimamanda Adichie remarks about the “Danger of a Single Story.” Africa has been plagued by a single, negative narrative both abroad, and amongst its own people. In an effort to address this concern, africa.com undertook to collect and tell stories that show the many sides of Africa. New stories, good stories, and realistic stories.

Africa.com wrote, directed and produced the documentary Africa Straight Up, which explores the developments taking place today in Africa in government, technology, business and education. It is an informative film, that is fun and easy to digest in order to reach as many audiences as possible.

While the film was originally intended for the international audience, Africa.com has found its biggest audience for the film in Africa itself. South Africans are keen to explore business opportunities in Nigeria, Nigerians find technology developments in Kenya to be intriguing, Kenyans are impressed with the newly founded university in Ghana, etc.  The film was licensed to broadcast on DSTV across 51 African countries in multiple screenings throughout 2015 and 2016. According to the Huffington Post, “Africa Straight Up debunks the (in)sensibility that Africa could ever be limited to a single narrative. The video is ‘a more complete story about Africa and its diaspora’ and ‘a dynamic ‘not your parents’ documentary’ about the stereotypes confronting Africa.”

For more information send an email to media@africa.com

Tools To Make It Easy To Get Online

We start by offering small businesses an Africa.com domain name which is a very powerful platform for them to say to the world that they are doing business in Africa. For example, hotels.africa.com or books.africa.com. These domain names are highly valued as they give SMEs the unmatched visibility, security and reliability of .com which has been combined with the keyword Africa.

We realize that most Africans access the internet via a mobile device and in order to serve the African market, we had to make websites that are specifically designed to work great on mobile devices.  With the launch of go.africa.com, we help Africans across the continent get online with stunning websites designed to perform brilliantly on African mobile devices, both smart phones and older feature phones which are still used by a large portion of the population in most countries.

What sets us apart is that we finance the costs.  We offer easy terms and low payments to help entrepreneurs build an online presence.

For more information send an email to getonline@africa.com

Value-Added Services For The Mobile Services Market

Africa.com Telco Solutions provides high quality SMS Push Content and Cloud Services to telcos.

What sets us apart is our base of strong expertise in Africa-centric content and world-class services. We use the insights and intelligence derived from our team’s diverse experience to invigorate the market and delight our customers by offering them products with enduring value.

For more information send an email to telcosolutions@africa.com

Connecting Leading Brands To The African Digital Market

The Africa.com Business Ad Network connects leading brands and ad agencies with Publishers in the rapidly growing African digital market. We deliver premium content on the Africa.com website, together with our highly curated network of Africa’s most important digital publishers and influential blogs.

African consumers are driving business growth across the continent. Africa.com Business Ad Network connects with the loyal consumer audience to increase brand awareness and purchase consideration. We consistently deliver superior performance metrics for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

For more information send an email to adnetwork@africa.com

Africa News Distribution For The Hospitality Sector

Africa.com produces The Africa.com Daily especially for hotels across the continent.  The Africa.com Daily News publication is regarded by many as the ultimate daily news service for guests traveling in Africa.

What’s really different about us is that we provide the latest news stories and summaries for Africa.  In addition, the publications include sports scores, weather updates, and business and financial information.

The Africa.com Daily produces a version for print and a digital version. Every day, our team emails a PDF to the hotel so they can print unlimited copies to provide the latest news to their guests. Hotels who prefer the digital format can offer their guests a private link to access the news.

For more information send an email to daily@africa.com

Who We Are

To change the way the world sees Africa and to be the online portal for the world’s engagement with Africa.

Provide accurate and credible information about all 54 countries in Africa.

Inspire a passion for Africa with visual storytelling and a uniquely personal voice.

Develop an innovative platform where people can reach beyond their local community.

Build an enduring value with a network of partners, and a highly effective, lean and creative organization.

Teresa Clarke launched Africa.com in February, 2010, with an unquenchable desire to change the way the world views Africa.

Most people think of Africa as a continent stricken with poverty, disease and wars or as a land of giraffes, lions and elephants. Yes, tragedies exist on the continent.  Yes, tourism is a vitally important industry.  But Africa is so much more.

When launched, Africa.com’s main purpose was to be a unique platform for anyone interested in Africa to learn more about all aspects of the continent. The site attracted visitors who were interested in traveling to the continent and it developed a following from both business and world leaders who were seeking accurate information about the investment climate in Africa.

Over time, the website expanded its coverage on financial, political and cultural news related to Africa. Partnerships were made with CNBC Africa for syndication of its World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa coverage, Africa Business Club at Harvard Business School, Council on Foreign Relations and McKinsey. Africa.com is the only African media company chosen to be a member of the White House Traveling Press Corps. In addition, Africa.com serves on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa.

Africa.com is now a digital platform with over a million visitors per month, distributes over 200,000 daily and weekly newsletters, engages a growing social media following, produces SMS/text content for African mobile telcos, creates video productions that have aired online and on television in 50 African countries as well as the UK and the US, and Africa.com manages the .africa.com domain for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and build their online business.

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Africa.com is a team of journalists, technologists, marketers, thinkers, problem solvers and innovators.  Meet our staff, advisors and contributors HERE.

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