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  • A man shopping in a supermarket in Africa

Packaging in Africa: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Bagged milk, foil-wrapped cashews, and paper-wrapped take-away of an oily African dish are the headaches of daily life in Africa. Such packaging no-no’s are not a problem if you are selling the product on the street to a passersby and anyone else who does not have an extra few minutes [...]

  • The Omo brand on display in Africa

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: Soaps and Detergents in Africa

If you know a woman who is experienced in traveling Africa, ask her what things she always travels with. She will definitely mention two things: soap and toilet paper. If you are an investor and do not understand this, then you are missing the boat on Africa’s emerging fast-moving consumer [...]

  • The Hadza People of Tanzania

The Hadza People of Tanzania

The Hadza people are the last living hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania and are one of the last in all of Africa. The tribe lives in a style developed prior to the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago and are currently an endangered people. At 5’4” with strong thick legs and [...]

Guide to the Crisis in Mali

Mali is a country in turmoil with its government in disarray and rebels having taken control over the north. The military took control of the government back in March, under the guise of defeating the rebels. presents its guide to the crisis in Mali. Key Facts and Figures in [...]


Top 10 Universities in South Africa

South Africa is known to have some of the best universities in Africa. Search any global university ranking and you’re likely to find at least two or three South African universities listed. There are many that don’t make the cut but we at believe that South Africa offers world-class [...]

  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Kamene Okonjo Released By Kidnappers

Nigerian officials announced Friday that Kamene Okonjo was released by kidnappers after a five-day captivity. She is the mother of Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, finance minster of Nigeria. Okonjo had been abducted from her home last Sunday. She was reported to be in good health [...]

  • Joyce Nangobi

In Uganda: Women Fighting Corruption

Since 2003, Joyce Nangobi has been on a mission to help other women fight corruption. “It started as a necessity”, she says. At the time, families were being illegally evicted from their homes in Jinja, Uganda. With many women widowed or with their husbands away working in urban areas, they [...]

Nigerian Artist Njideka Akunyili: Telling Her Story One Image at a Time

Nigerian artist Njideka Akunyili is flipping through a stack of images in her studio inside the Brooklyn Army Terminal in New York. Some of the images are taken from personal family photos. Other images come from Nigerian popular culture.Picking up one of the Nigerian magazines that are scattered by her [...]

  • A great shot of Bœuf aux Gombos Cote divoire dish

The Cash Cow of Africa (Part II): Beef and….Manure

Ragout d’Ignames and Bœuf aux Gombos. Sauce Arachide Ivoirienne avec Bœuf. These are some delicious classic dishes in Cote D’Ivoire. Bœuf aux Gombos.Photo credit: While on a visit there, do not be surprised if your hosts tell you that beef is not on the menu. For a [...]

  • A man pouring gallons milk in a dairy factory

The Cash Cow of Africa (Part I): Dairy

On a recent visit to Rwanda, I made a visit to a few grocery stores and found the milk section lacking, except in Nakumatt, which situates itself within the market as a high end grocery store chain. On the same trip, Uganda provided the same story. This is no surprise [...]

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