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  • Shanta Devarajan of the world bank

African Youth Employment: An Interview with Dr. Shanta Devarajan—Part II

Dr. Shanta Devarajan, the chief economist of the Africa Region with the World Bank, sat down with emerging market investment consultant Wilmot Allen to discuss African youth employment. Part II appears today; Part I appeared on Wednesday. Note this post originally ran on November 12, 2012. We are posting it again [...]

  • Otelo Burning

Durban, South Africa Sets the Stage for “Otelo Burning”

Otelo Burning is a beautiful, coming-of-age drama by award-winning filmmaker Sara Blecher. The South African feature film presents a gripping story of township kids as they discover surfing – a newfound freedom through water.The film will make its U.S. theatrical premiere at New York’s new cinemas at MIST Harlem on [...]

  • chicken farming in Africa

Africa’s Green Eggs and (Chicken)

Me: Excusez-moi, avez-vous poulet yassa? (Excuse me, do you have poulet yasssa?) Senegalese server: Toujours (Always). An unusual response, but not entirely unexpected. Senegal is unique when it comes to chicken and eggs. It has one of the higher rates of chicken meat production per capita in sub-Saharan Africa, totaling about 3.2 kg [...]

  • youth employment in africa

Youth Employment in Africa: An Interview with Dr. Shanta Devarajan—Part I

Dr. Shanta Devarajan, the chief economist of the Africa Region with the World Bank, recently sat down with emerging market investment consultant Wilmot Allen to discuss youth employment in Africa. Part I of the interview series will appear today; Part II will appear on Friday. Youth employment is a major [...]

  • Luol Deng, NBA player.’s Guide to African Players in the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) prides itself in being a league that draws players from all over the world. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant speaks Spanish to Pau Gasol during games when he doesn’t want opposing teams to know what is going on.luol deng, lebron james, chicago bulls, miami heat Last [...]

December 5: Blitz the Ambassador at the Museum of African Art

On December 5, 2012, the Museum for African Art’s young patrons group (Emerging Leaders for African Art) will host a year-end celebration featuring a live performance by Ghanaian-born, Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Blitz the Ambassador, who Rolling Stone calls “the future of African music.” Attendees will enjoy great live music, festive food and drinks, [...]

  • An Echo parakeet resting on a tree branch in Mauritius

Birds, Trees and Wildlife: Ecotourism in Mauritius

The natural history of Mauritius makes a strong case for conservation. After all, it’s an island where many native species have already become extinct, most notably the Dodo. Our principal reason for visiting was to learn about the nature conservation work being carried out. A view-point of Maritius. Photo [...]

  • Teachers in Burundi

Burundi’s Push for Universal Education

Offering free education, making it compulsory and supporting it politically has been the winning strategy behind Burundi’s successful bid to ensure that virtually all children get a primary school education. In this interview with Africa Renewal, UNICEF’s representative in Burundi, Johannes Wedenig, expatiates on government’s positive role in this development. He [...]

Africa′s 40 Richest: What Forbes′ List Tells Us

Earlier today, Forbes put out its inaugural list of Africa’s 40 Richest people. It’s yet another example of the world’s increasing interest in the story of Africa’s growth. With growth comes wealth, so naturally we want a look behind the curtain. Who are the people who arereally making it on the continent? The [...]

  • Maputo Mozambique

Entrepreneurship During the (Gold) Rush

Looking out from Mundos to Avenida de Julius Nyerere, you can look to the streets and see the rapid growth that is taking Maputo and the larger Mozambique area from what the British publication theGuardian labeled as a “basket case of Africa” to the young and stable booming economy of [...]

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