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Black Gold

It must have been during those hazy childhood years whilst watching attentively as my grandmother put on her best dress and those glimmering brown shoes as she made her way to her Madam that I began to learn that there was something inferior about being black. It was something about [...]

“Africa Straight Up” Among Impressive Lineup for the 20th African Diaspora International Film Festival

“A festival that symbolizes diaspora as more than just Anthropology.” - Film critic Armond White One of the most prestigious Afrocentric international film festivals in North America, the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) was conceived in 1993 by current Co-Directors Reinaldo B. Spech and Diarah N’Daw-Spech with the intention of showcasing [...]

  • The Agricultural Festival Spirit-South Africa

Touring the Agricultural Region of Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Eastern Cape province of South Africa is a diverse and sunny region where travellers can sink their hands into the earth of farm life in our beautiful country, South Africa. Stay on a Citrus Farm Woodall country house. The Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Photo Credit:Safarinow [...]

Is Social Justice in South Africa Asking For Too Much?

The principles and values encompassed in the Preamble of the South African Constitution state that we as South Africans, as a starting point in our quest to embracing democracy, need to:   “recognise the injustices of the past, …heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on [...]

  • Alf Kumalo

Legendary photojournalist, Alf Kumalo, dies.

Alfred (Alf) Kumalo was a smartly-dressed walking library filled with books that housed pages of South Africa’s history. Born on 5 September 1930, he witnessed some of the most poignant moments during and post-apartheid. He was there in 1956 when more than 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings to [...]

  • Top African Games, mancala

The Top 5 African Games

These days, “child’s play” seems to be about online gaming, from Playstations to Nintendos. But many might recall the days when children congregated outdoors, playing their favourite games in the street. They were free and required little or no equipment. Apart from being fun, they also helped build fundamental skills, [...]

Strengthening Burundi Through Partnership and Good Governance

Burundi is quickly becoming one of East Africa’s development success stories. In the 1990s, the ethnic violence between the Hutus and the Tutsis had devastating effects on Burundi’s population, leaving 200,000 dead, 140,000 internally displaced, and forcing an additional 48,000 refugees into Tanzania. This year, the last remaining Burundian refugee [...]

  • Local Lady with Preserved fish-Malawi

Safari Corner: Malawi and Zimbabwe, Up and Coming Destinations in Africa

Travelers looking for deeper experiences are urged to explore Africa’s emerging destinations – a pair of hidden gems set in the continent’s southeast corner: Malawi and Zimbabwe. Malawi In 2010, Lonely Planet named Malawi the friendliest country in Africa and one of the top three friendliest countries in the world. [...]

  • mwandi_mission_hospital

The State of Pediatric Care in Africa

In an ongoing effort to advance the conversation and efficacy of care around pediatric surgery throughout the developing world and promote international multi-disciplinary partnerships as the foundation of sustainable solutions, Yale’s Department of Surgery and Section of Pediatric Surgery hosted a symposium earlier this month featuring a panel of Yale [...]

  • Nigeria-Africa

Nigeria and Myself: On the Brink of Something Great

As an expat—an outsider by definition–there is a sense of safety when we speak of Lagos or Nigeria in general. In a way, we feel safe to criticize and condemn what we encounter. We feel no ownership of this place and so without apology, we speak of the things that [...]

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