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  • Kampala-Uganda

Kladogo: From Kaliro to Kampala′s Streets

It’s a cool evening, and the sun seems to have a few hours allocated to Kampala. I am standing on a street corner, lazily watching the group of men offloading a cargo trailer opposite. But then a kid appears, ducking under a parked car to pick up a run-over water [...]

On a Trade Mission: Zambia

Africa is open for business. While most developed nations around the globe have engaged Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and other continental powerhouses, other countries such as Zambia are seeking attention in positive ways.The land-locked country borders eight countries in Southern and East Africa and has been well noted for its [...]

  • Mali Islamists seize garrison town-Mali Crisis

Mali′s Crisis: How Regional Institutions are Being Tested

The recent political crisis in the previously stable and democratic country of Mali has not received the same level of media attention as the current conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan. Mali’s crises, however, carry the risks of becoming a significant disruption in the otherwise rapidly growing Western African region. [...]

  • Unite Tours With the locals in Tanzania, Africa

Introducing UNITE Tours: a Whole New Way to Experience Africa

Originally posted on the GetMilkshake website, Katy Kelleher interviews Anne Wells, an contributor and founder of UNITE the World With Africa, about a new program, UNITE Tours. UNITE Tours with Maasai Women Right off the bat, Anne Wells puts her finger on something a lot of us [...]

  • Egypt president-Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi Declared Egypt′s First Democratically Elected President

Mohamed Morsi, the candidate from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party, has been declared the winner of the country’s presidential run-off election, narrowly defeating former prime minister and general Ahmed Shafik. Morsi, who ran on the ticket of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, gained 52 percent of the vote while Shafik [...]

Kah Walla and Alyse Nelson: Global Leading Women

A transformation is taking place in Africa as African countries elect more female leaders into positions of political power. Kah Walla, a 2011 presidential candidate in Cameroon, sees the dynamic shifting. “We are seeing a transformation in Africa moving from a continent where up to the mid-1980s and 1990s, very [...]

  • vital voices global partnership

Vital Voices Honors African Women with Leadership Awards

Every year, the Vital Voices Global Partnership awards African female activists with leadership awards for outstanding work within their communities. At the 11th annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington D.C. earlier this month, the NGO honored women from Liberia, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt for empowering women within their [...]

African-Focused Ventures to Compete for Grant Money at the African Diaspora Marketplace in D.C.

Forty-four African entrepreneurs will travel to Washington D.C. on June 21 to compete for a pool of grant money in the second Africa Diaspora Marketplace (ADM II), hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Western Union Company. In 2010, the first ADM competition awarded more [...]

Telem Teaches Pride in African Cultural Heritage Through Telem Camp

“Being an African is my thing. I eat fufu and I eat rice.” – Isata, age 8 Telem Camp is the signature program of Telem Center for the African Child, Inc. (“Telem”). Telem was founded in January 2011 by a diverse group of internationals from different professions to meet a need. [...]

  • A tourist Hiking at Kyabobo National Park in Ghana, Africa

Ecotourism in Ghana: Undiscovered Kyabobo

While most travellers already think of Ghana as pretty far off their radars, anyone in Ghana knows it is possible to stray even farther from the beaten path. Located in the northern part of the country’s Volta region, for example, right on the border of Togo, is Kyabobo National Park, [...]

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