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  • Amadou Toumani Touré giving a speech in Mali, Africa

African Coups and Strongmen in Decline

Soon after Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo and his followers overthrew President Amadou Toumani Touré of Mali, countless western news outlets and specialized blogs resumed a perennial debate over the sustainability of Africa’s democracies. Although the public’s perception of sub-Saharan Africa as a fertile ground for dictatorships and civil conflict endures, [...]

  • The movie poster for the Restless City movie

“Restless City”: An African Immigrant′s Experience

Directed by Nigerian-born filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu, Restless City tells the story of a young man surviving on the fringes of New York City, where music is his passion, life is a hustle, and falling in love is his greatest risk. The African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement, a Black film distribution [...]

  • Kladogo in a river in Kampala Africa

#Kladogo: Surviving the Streets of Kampala

The much-anticipated Kampala urban transport buses finally arrived and are operating, competing with the matatus. As a result transport fares have been slashed by almost half. And so I found it easy as I jumped into the comfort of the Pioneer Easy Bus heading to the city center. Upon arriving, [...]

  • A student receiving a scholarship courtesy of concept link

ConceptLink: “We’re Here to Challenge Some of the Myths About Africa.”

“There are roughly one billion people in Africa, plus approximately 200 million Africans in the diaspora. In my view, that equals 1.2 billion opportunities to make a difference.” – ConceptLink’s CEO, Jerryanne Heath It was 2005, and Jerryanne Heath had just finished a volunteer trip in South Africa with Habitat [...]

  • Larry-Seruma

Our Approach to Investing in Africa: Three Key Themes for Long Term Growth

Nile Capital Management’s investment team is dedicated to identifying and investing in compelling opportunities across the continent of Africa, and seeks to help investors share in Africa’s growth. At NCM, we believe an active strategy will be the key element of success for anyone who hopes to gain exposure to [...]

  • A beautiful view of the Stellenbosch Wine Country in South Africa, Africa

Stellenbosch Wine Country: Where Old World Pairs with New

Stellenbosch is a bit of paradise. There just isn’t much that’s more stunning than a place devoted to growing grapes—it’s something about the terrain and climate grapes prefer that makes for relentless beauty. And wine itself is of the old world, so people drawn to making it seem to have [...]

  • people in a Yes referendum rally in Kenya.

African Youth Journal: Moved and Shaken

(Editor’s note: African Youth Journals is an online interactive forum for African youth to share ideas on current issues affecting and shaping the African continent as well as to crowd-source the true image of Africa. In this post, student Brian Waweru of Kenya writes about data collection, economics, and innovation [...]

  • A group of Flamingos at the Parc National du Banc d Arguin in Mauritania, Africa

The Natural Wonders of Mauritania

With beaches that seem to stretch on forever and wildlife species that are unique to its deserts and seas, Mauritania is a nature-lover’s paradise. Rare Nile crocodiles roam the country’s far-flung oases while ancient towns like Tichit, Oualata, Terjit, Chinguetti, and Ouadane boast elaborate architecture, breathtaking landscapes, historical shipwrecks, rock [...]

  • The When China met Africa official poster

“When China Met Africa”—Understanding China′s Role in Africa Beyond Cynicism

“When I sit with investors from the Western world, they do a PowerPoint presentation about projections, cash flows… income statements, balance sheets, risk assessment, and all this is flamboyant,” states the Zambian minister of trade, commerce, and industry Felix Mutati, sitting in his office in Lusaka. “I’ve never seen those [...]

  • Ben Hinson in an interview

Ben Hinson Explores All Facets of Life In His Latest Collection

Ben Hinson is a once-in-a-lifetime find. The Ghanaian native has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, England, and numerous locations within the United States. He captures his growth and observations on life in beautiful free verse and poetry in his first collection, Chapters of Me: Deep Thoughts Vol. 1. From his time [...]

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