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  • A model posing with the StillLife Blue Textiles in South Africa, Africa

The Attraction of Cloth

My travel consultant asked me to make a list of all the things I wanted to do on my trip to South Africa. This set me to dreaming and soon, I had a long list of possibilities. Near the top were textiles, right up there with the Big Five—elephants and [...]

  • The Mandela project digital archive

The Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project: Now Live

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is committed to keeping the works and history of the former president of South Africa alive for generations to study and remember, as a means to remember and to memorialize the atrocities of what he suffered—and what black South Africans suffered as a whole—during the era [...]

  • African Markets

The New Business of Africa: Markets and People Transforming the Continent

International CEOs who have not recently revised their appraisal of Africa would be well served to do so, and quickly. There is an unprecedented transformation occurring across the continent rendering years of economic assessment all but obsolete. This was evident at a recent New York Stock Exchange African investment conference, [...]

  • Okonjo Iweala

Nigerian Finance Minister Is Set to be Nominated to Lead World Bank

We’re tracking Reuters’ breaking story about Ngonzi Okonjo-Iweala’s upcoming nomination to lead the World Bank. Reuters writes, Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and former Colombian Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo are set to be nominated to lead the World Bank. Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and former Colombian [...]

  • Peter Mawanga performing at the Lake of starts in Malawi, Africa

The Inside Word on Malawi

Malawi, known as the Warm Heart of Africa, is nestled in between Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania. When I first arrived here in 2005 and piled into the back of an open truck with hordes of colourfully dressed girls, the country instantly lived up to its reputation. The girls chatted with [...]

  • A view of the Robben Island PrisonYard

Myth and Mandela

One sunny afternoon while visiting Cape Town, I took the ferry to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years incarcerated for activism against apartheid. Robben Island PrisonYardPhoto credit: Rebecca Reynolds When the bus disgorged us at the prison’s entry gate, razor wire still topped [...]

  • Lewa Safari Camp Kenya, Africa

Kenyan Tourism: A Treasure Trove of Riches

“Isn’t it amazing?” our driver asked when we first arrived in bustling Nairobi. “The U.S. government has Kenya in the same category as Iraq and Afghanistan.” Cottars Camp © David Rogers After spending a week in the Kenyan bush, we got his drift. When you are here, your [...]

  • A Giraffe in the kruger national park, South Africa, Africa

Tales From the Bush

We’re storytellers by nature. The truth of this came back to me while on safari in South Africa. Everyone I met as I traveled on the fringes of Kruger National Park—drivers, hosts, rangers, game drive passengers, waiters, and masseuses—all had tales to tell. The ones that intrigued me most were [...]

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