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  • A beautiful view of the Table Mountain range in South Africa, Africa

A View From the Inside

Robben Island (robben is Dutch for “seal”) is a stunning sanctuary within sight of Cape Town. This vantage point affords spectacular views of Table Mountain and its famous roiling “table cloth” of clouds. Visitors from around the globe arrive at Robben Island on a modern ferry equipped with refreshments and [...]

Beware of the Dragon? A Debate on China and Africa

The relationships among the countries of Africa with China are diverse, sometimes contentious, and sometimes economically beneficial. Leaders of many Africa countries are at continual odds as to whether or not associations with China will lead to long-term economic stability. In the meantime, China has not let up in its [...]

  • Ngozi Odita posing for a photo

Africa Style Daily: Founder of Society HAE Talks ′Digital Media & Culture in Africa′ Event

New York:The emergence of game-changing African’s in New York City can count Ngozi Odita as one of it’s leaders. As the founder and Editorial Director of Society H.A.E, Odita has crafted one of a kind events that bring together hundreds of creatives from a cross section of countries, cultures and [...]

  • The every voice team, Group photo South Africa, Africa

Every Voice, Every South African Story

(Editor’s Note: Ashley Michelle Williams, a news associate at NBC, is penning a series of blog posts about a recent trip to South Africa. Previous posts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI) Group photo in South Africa. As a young girl, I [...]

  • Inside the Dar Yacout in Marrakech, Morocco, Africa

The Inside Word on Fes, Morocco

Fes, Morocco, is considered one of the holiest cities in the Islamic world. Parts of it barely changed since it was founded at the beginning of the ninth century by Moulay Idriss II, this enchanting city has been a seat of government, philosophy, medicine, music and religion for more than [...]

  • elders South Africa, Africa

South Africa: Reminder From My Elders

Of what is joy made? From where does it spring? Who best knows how to capture it? If I thought I knew the answers to these questions, I got the opportunity to rethink them on a recent trip to South Africa. Elders dancing in South Africa. chile in [...]

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