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  • Formal-Informal-Economies

The Growing Power of Formal and Informal Economies

With increasing attention being paid to sub-Saharan Africa due to a visibly rising middle-class and its spending power, there has been an obvious and overt change in the investment landscape of the continent. While global investors are continuing to pay attention to Africa’s natural resources, others are looking towards consumer [...]

  • Man in a farm, digging-Agriculture-Africa

Africa’s Economy Rebounds Without Jobs

(This article was previously published by the editorial team at Africa Renewal, a project of the United Nations. The 2011 Economic Report on Africa predicts a steady growth of African economies. Indeed, the report announces a 5 percent increase rate for the continent this year compared to the 4.7 percent [...]

  • Nelson Mandela sitted next to his family on his birthday

Celebrating Madiba’s 93rd Birthday

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, center, with family members. Photo credit: The world stopped in 1990 to witness the first steps of freedom of one man, Nelson Mandela, after his 27 years of imprisonment. Today, the world celebrates the 93rd birthday of one of the world’s [...]

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