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  • Formal-Informal-Economies

The Growing Power of Formal and Informal Economies

With increasing attention being paid to sub-Saharan Africa due to a visibly rising middle-class and its spending power, there has been an obvious and overt change in the investment landscape of the continent. While global [...]

  • Man in a farm, digging-Agriculture-Africa

Africa’s Economy Rebounds Without Jobs

(This article was previously published by the editorial team at Africa Renewal, a project of the United Nations. The 2011 Economic Report on Africa predicts a steady growth of African economies. Indeed, the report announces [...]

  • Nelson Mandela sitted next to his family on his birthday

Celebrating Madiba’s 93rd Birthday

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, center, with family members. Photo credit: The world stopped in 1990 to witness the first steps of freedom of one man, Nelson Mandela, after his 27 [...]