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  • SME's in Africa

The Value of Leadership and the Role of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nation-Building

(Editor’s Note: This speech on leadership and SMEs in Nigeria was first delivered on June 17th in Lagos.) It is a pleasure to be here for two reasons: first, to be back in Nigeria at this time when you are at a turning point for great advancement in your development, [...]

  • Mzee Babu the "miracle healer" of Tanzania, Africa

Village Medicine in Tanzania

(Editor’s Note: Anne Wells, a frequent contributor to, travels to Tanzania on behalf of her organization,UNITE the World with Africa. This post was originally published on her blog.) The vehicles are lined up more than 16 miles down the long, red-earth-packed, ditch-ridden main road. It’s the rainy season now, [...]

  • Nicky Oppenheimer the chairman of De Beers

CFR: Challenges and Opportunities in Africa—A Conversation with Nicky Oppenheimer

(Editor’s Note: This video was originally posted on the website of the Council on Foreign Relations.)  Nicky Oppenheimer the chairman of De Beers. Photo Credit: AWDC Antwerp World/flcikr Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De Beers, discusses how business can contribute to sustainable growth and development on the continent, as [...]

  • Hillbrow town in johannesburg-South Africa

Coining a New Acronym: BRICA: Adding Africa′s Name to World Regions & Economies in Economic Boom – Part One

(Editor’s Note: A version of this blog was originally posted on Click here to read part two.) Hillbrow, johannesburg. Photo Credit: Jeppestown/flcikr We have all heard it! We have all read about it! Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) is in an economic boom, so let’s recognize it as [...]

  • A beautiful scenery of the countryside in Rwanda, Africa

Notes From the Field: Working for Generation Rwanda

(Editor’s Note: Helaina is a member of Princeton University’s Fellows in Africa Program.) Muraho from Kigali, Rwanda! I have been here since August 2010, working as the Program Assistant at Generation Rwanda. A unique scholarship program, Generation Rwanda supports the most disadvantaged and motivated students to pursue higher education in [...]

  • A beautiful view of the Groot Constantia farm in South Africa, Africa

Groot Constantia in South Africa

As a South African, I am blessed to represent the following statistic to you: “South Africa has the longest wine route in the world.” Well if that didn’t put the seal on your South African trip, I don’t know what will! Groot Constantia in South Africa, Africa Let [...]

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