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  • SME's in Africa

The Value of Leadership and the Role of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nation-Building

(Editor’s Note: This speech on leadership and SMEs in Nigeria was first delivered on June 17th in Lagos.) It is a pleasure to be here for two reasons: first, to be back in Nigeria at [...]

  • Mzee Babu the "miracle healer" of Tanzania, Africa

Village Medicine in Tanzania

(Editor’s Note: Anne Wells, a frequent contributor to, travels to Tanzania on behalf of her organization,UNITE the World with Africa. This post was originally published on her blog.) The vehicles are lined up more [...]

  • Nicky Oppenheimer the chairman of De Beers

CFR: Challenges and Opportunities in Africa—A Conversation with Nicky Oppenheimer

(Editor’s Note: This video was originally posted on the website of the Council on Foreign Relations.)  Nicky Oppenheimer the chairman of De Beers. Photo Credit: AWDC Antwerp World/flcikr Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De [...]

  • Hillbrow town in johannesburg-South Africa

Coining a New Acronym: BRICA: Adding Africa′s Name to World Regions & Economies in Economic Boom – Part One

(Editor’s Note: A version of this blog was originally posted on Click here to read part two.) Hillbrow, johannesburg. Photo Credit: Jeppestown/flcikr We have all heard it! We have all read about [...]

  • A beautiful scenery of the countryside in Rwanda, Africa

Notes From the Field: Working for Generation Rwanda

(Editor’s Note: Helaina is a member of Princeton University’s Fellows in Africa Program.) Muraho from Kigali, Rwanda! I have been here since August 2010, working as the Program Assistant at Generation Rwanda. A unique scholarship [...]

  • A beautiful view of the Groot Constantia farm in South Africa, Africa

Groot Constantia in South Africa

As a South African, I am blessed to represent the following statistic to you: “South Africa has the longest wine route in the world.” Well if that didn’t put the seal on your South African [...]