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Recap: African Economic Forum at Columbia University

Team members from attended the eighth annual African Economic Forum this past weekend. Held at Columbia University, the forum, entitled Roaring Giant: Africa’s Economic Ascent, featured 17 panel discussions, four keynote speakers, and plenty [...]

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Eating at the Table of Chef Dallas Orr

Breakfast: people don’t necessarily have a love-hate relationship with this first meal of the day. More often than not, people either love breakfast—or they don’t eat it at all. If you fall into the latter [...]

  • African Economic Forum

Columbia University′s African Economic Forum

The eighth annual African Economic Forum at Columbia University will take place on March 25 and 26, 2011. With over 400 participants last year, the forum has grown to be the largest Africa-focused event on [...]

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Traveling South Africa and Beyond: The State of Tourism

We all love good news, especially in an age dominated by soundbites and the 24-hour news cycle. We at especially love good news coming out of Africa. Luckily, these days there are plenty of [...]