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  • People during the Stanford Africa Forum

Events: Stanford Africa Forum, January 29th

On Saturday, January 29th, Stanford University will host its fifth annual Stanford Africa Forum. This year, the conference will explore entrepreneurship and development in Africa. The debate of whether socioeconomic advancement is better achieved through business (entrepreneurship and social enterprise) than through traditional aid has been a popular one for [...]

  • Jay posing with his new friends in Rwanda, Africa

Discovering Rwanda: A Visit From the Heart

In mid-2009, our middle son, Russell, learned that he had been accepted in the Peace Corps and would begin a 27-month teaching stint in Rwanda. As our knowledge of thecountry was limited to the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and a few memories of the genocide tragedy of 1994, my wife, Mary, [...]

  • steve and maddie playing with children inschool, Tanzania Africa

My View of Tanzania

(To read an account by Stephen, Maddie’s father, check out his blog post) A beautiful country, unlike any other that I have ever experienced, lies south of the Sahara on the eastern coast of the amazing continent of Africa. Its diverse cultures, splendid wildlife, and peaceful inhabitants make it a [...]

  • Zebras grazing at the NgoroNgoro Crater Tanzania, Africa

Experiencing Africa Through the Mind’s Eye

(To read Maddie’s account of visiting Tanzania, read her blog post) How do you describe the vast expanse of the Serengeti, graceful giraffes traversing the grasslands, or the vibrant colors of the clothing of the Masai to someone without sight? When I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Tanzania [...]

  • Missing-Middle

The Missing Middle: SACCA Releases List of Funds

Touting it as the largest list of its kind, the South African Chamber of Commerce in America (SACCA) has released acompendium of funds that serve the “missing middle”—SMEs and mid-sized businesses that are growing in size or location that are not necessarily eligible for microfinance loans. SACCA created this list [...]

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