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  • A young girl in Africa-Africa

Angel Groups – a Solution for the Missing Middle in Africa?

Once an entrepreneur has exhausted their personal funds, they frequently look to family or friends for additional money. This process is always fraught with tension due to the personal dynamics, as well as the challenge that even if the business is successful, such funding will rarely help it grow to [...]

  • Kariba Dam Wall, built in 1955-Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Investment Climate and Opportunities

Zimbabwe has been through a decade of economic decline, largely the result of ill-informed policies taken by the authorities. The major scourge during this era of decline was hyperinflation, which towards the end of 2008 and early 2009 was reported by some accounts to be around 200 billion percent! This [...]

  • Rumit Seasons photo of a beautiful view of the valley

Seasonal Colors-An Observation of the Circle of Life & New Cultural Beginnings

As the winter season in Botswana nears its end, the waters of the Okavango slowly recede forcing the animals and birds to migrate. The end of another life cycle is complete before the new one begins a few months later. In East Africa, the short rains begin, indicating the start [...]

  • A beautiful view of the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort in Nigeria, Africa

In Nigeria on Business? Ten Reasons to Stay for the Weekend

Kamp Ikare Beach A private beach resort accessible only by boat, Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is a great day trip alternative, for an individual traveller or group. By making a reservation in advance, you can depart from Ikoyi and make it to the beach within 30 [...]

  • A delegation of African Ministers of Tourism-UNWTO Africa Conference -Africa

Rethink Africa: Rebranding in the broader interest

Passport Health, in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Africa Travel Association, is showcasing the good things that Africa has to offer. We are working with organizations that promote business opportunities in African nations. Organizations such as the Maryland Sister State Program establish the connections that make business opportunities happen. On a local level, [...]

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