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  • Clifford Sacks

The Africonomist Presents: Q&A with Clifford Sacks of Renaissance Capital

The following is an edited version of the interview: The Africonomist: RenCap recently completed a sizable acquisition in South Africa. Can you discuss what this transaction means to your operations? Sacks: Yes, we bought BJM Securities, a preeminent research broker in South Africa. The company is now being rebranded Renaissance [...]

Senegal Delegation in Chicago, Illinois

At a lunch hosted by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, President Wade offered a special thanks to the organizer of his trip, Donna Sims Wilson, president of MR Beal & Company, a leading investment banking firm specializing in municipal finance, corporate finance and equity execution. He touted his administration’s progress in [...]

  • A beautiful view of the Sunset overlooking the hills in Namibia, Africa.

Rumit’s African Journey June-July 2010: PART 5 — NAMIBIA

June 29-July 3: Namibia Namibia is an absolutely unrealized and underexposed country, located north of South Africa with a long Atlantic coastline. Being here can be best described as the “Serengeti meeting the Grand Canyon.” By that, I mean less about the wildlife, but more about the sweeping vistas of [...]

  • Dutch fans posing for a group photo ahead of their match in the world cup, South Africa, Africa

Rumit’s African Journey June 2010: PART 4 – SOUTH AFRICA

We attended the Slovenia v the Netherlands game (Group of 16) and while the game was obviously one-sided (the Dutch side), the entertainment was really in the stands among 62,000 fans, the vast majority of them siding with the Dutch in their bright orange t-shirts. It seems vuvuzelas were everywhere [...]

  • A man rowing a Canoe in Botswana, Africa

Rumit’s African Journey June 2010: PART 3 — BOTSWANA

The Delta has its share of large mammals (Elephants, Leopards, Buffalo, Lions, Red Lechwes, Antelopes, Water and Bush Bucks) as well as a variety of spectacular birds covering the entire color palette. The African Wild Dog is also very prevalent (and famous) here. However, because of the wide swatch of [...]

  • Two men rowing boats on lilipads at the Kapamba Remote Bush Camp, Zambia, Africa

Rumit’s African Journey June 2010: PART 2 – Next Stop in Zambia

June 13: Kapamba Remote Bush Camp (Bush Camp Company) The Bush Camp Company, the same people who operate Mfuwe Lodge, operate six remote bush camps along the Luangwa and Kapamba Rivers as one drives further south. With incredible game viewing en route, we arrive at Kapamba Remote Bush Camp, located [...]

  • Two Zebras Grazing at the South Luangwa National Park Zambia, Africa

Rumit’s African Journey, June 2010: PART 1 – Arrival in Zambia

June 11: South Luangwa National Park – ZAMBIA It’s an adventure just to get to Africa – especially when British Airways is on strike. After much anxiety and creative re-routing, the group I was leading made it to Lusaka- exhausted but relieved. A short plane ride later, we arrived at [...]

  • Africa’s Successful ROAD FROM RECESSION

Africa’s Successful Road to Recovery from the Global Recession

Economists cite several reasons.  African countries that made certain reforms in the 1990’s – embracing market oriented economies instead of command style, floating exchange rates – were able to handle the economic crisis better and bounce back to expansive growth rates. “Our prediction is that this year the continent will have [...]

  • South Africa-2010-FIFA World Cup

The World Cup’s Impact on South Africa’s Economy

“Economically, the tournament has been a success,” said South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma this week at the Investec global investment conference in Cape Town. “We can safely say that we have good returns on our investment, which includes R33-billion spent on transport infrastructure and on telecommunications and stadiums.” President Zuma [...]

  • A view of the peak in Mount Kenya Kenya, Africa

How to Pick a Kenya Safari Location

And, as a result, is best for the people who may not have the best eyesight. Amboseli National Park is home to around 900 free-ranging elephants, traversing the landscape and covering huge distances in their large herds. The landscape is open and very, very flat, so [...]

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