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  • graca-machel-new-faces-new-voices-Rwanda

Africa Investment: New Faces New Voices

Mrs. Machel was motivated to create this program after observing the absence of women engaged in the re-formulation of the financial services sector following the global financial crisis.  Mrs. Machel sees the crisis as a time in which much change is taking place in the architecture of industry, which in [...]

Africa, Not Just For Soccer Fans!

Granted, the games are providing a welcome break from news of global financial calamity. However, U.S. investors should take note.  This summer’s World Cup provides a glimpse at what the Boston Consulting Group has called the “Overlooked Continent.”  U.S. investors would be wise to stop and smell the East African [...]

  • FIFA 2010, South Africa

Watch the World Cup with!

Argentina has rarely lost a World Cup opener, but Nigeria held its own as they battled against the reigning favorites. We cheered and toasted as Vincent Enyeama vigilantly protected the Nigerian goal, consumed by the fervor of the crowd around us and on the screen FIFA 2010, South Africa [...]

  • 2010_FIFA_World_Cup Users Win Tickets to the 2010 World Cup!

Registered users were automatically entered to win tickets to the games, which are taking place until July 11 in South Africa.   Our winners will experience the excitement of the Cup in person as teams such as Nigeria, Chile and Switzerland face off for the international sports world’s greatest title! [...]

  • J. Skyler Fernandes

The Evolution of the Missing Middle Landscape

Over the past five to ten years, the SME finance landscape has broadened in both capital types (grants, debt, quasi-equity, equity), and focus (ranging from social impact, purely returns drive, and balanced between the two). This evolution is critically important because completely filling the “SME Finance Gap” (a.k.a the “Missing [...]

  • Rumit Mehta in his travels in Africa

Are you a Traveler or an Explorer?

Every visitor should be able to soak in the surroundings and be inquisitive and this is our goal: to ensure innovative experiences that let travelers explore. In just over a week, I will be headed on a four-week, four-country trip through Southern Africa, where I will be escorting “explorers” through [...]

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