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Ten African Startups to Watch

The 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa has come and gone, but the lessons learnt at the fruitful summit held in Rwanda remains relevant. Among other topics discussed at the three-day event was the digital economy [...]

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Five Smart City Innovations for Africa

By Carlo Ratti One of the keywords in Africa today is leapfrogging – that phenomenon that allows those to were behind to step ahead of those who were previously at the fore. Mobile phone networks [...]

  • EgyptAir Flight Missing

EgyptAir Flight From Paris To Cairo Goes Missing

EgyptAir has confirmed that Flight MS804, carrying at least 56 passengers and 10 crew members from Paris to Cairo, has disappeared. A spokesperson for Egypt’s aviation authority reportedly told SkyNews that the plane most likely [...]

  • Two professionals working in a Tech hub, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.

How Technology Can Boost Economic Growth

James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group, chats to CNBC Africa about the importance of stimulating economic growth through technological advancement.

  • Africa-Code-Week-2016

Africa Code Week 2016 To Tackle Continent’s Digital Skills Gap

SAP initiative – with hundreds of partners – will offer job-relevant software coding skills to 150,000 youth across 30 African countries Africa Code Week 2016 SAP SE will train more than 150,000 youth in 30 African [...]

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Short-term Challenges Are An Opportunity To Diversify Economies On The Continent

Recent challenges have overshadowed some of the underlying medium- to long-term trends that continue to support the growth prospects of a number of countries in Africa. Standard Bank, the largest lender by assets on [...]

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Boosting the Agricultural Sector

Rwanda's Agriculture Minister,Tony Nsanganira, shares his thoughts on the importance of the agricultral sector and the impact digitisation has on the industry.

  • A group of women wearing Bazin in Mali, Africa

Women Creating Wealth

WEF Co-Chair Graca Machel hosted a panel discussing how to harness the untapped potential of women in Africa, where over a quarter of formal SMEs are said to be owned by female entrepreneurs.

  • Teodorin Obiang

#1 – French Prosecutors Charge The Son Of Equatorial Guinea’s President

Teodorin Obiang, one of the country’s vice presidents, is accused of looting state coffers to fund his lavish tastes, including the purchase of pop star Michael Jackson’s famous white glove, private jets and sprawling properties [...]

  • Kenya Running Shoes
  • Kenya Running Shoes2

#2 – Kenya Has Some Of The Best Runners In The World

Now, two entrepreneurs are hoping to build on the lore that surrounds the nation’s runners with the first made-in-Kenya running shoe. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Darfur Food Market

#3 – Refugees In Darfur Weigh In On Food Stamps

WFP is offering electronic vouchers instead of food aid to some displaced people in Sudan’s Darfur region but, despite the success of vouchers elsewhere in Sudan, some Darfuri recipients claim the scheme leaves them worse [...]

  • DRC Protests

#4 – Could The DRC Turn Into The Next Burundi?

Rallies have been called by dissidents to oppose Kabila's plan to stay on as caretaker president after expiry of his second term. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • Hippo Victim
  • Safari Hippo

#5 – Fisherman Has An Encounter With Africa’s Most Dangerous Animal

Lying in hospital with bloodied bandages over the deep gashes in his legs, Senegalese fisherman Ali Fall recalls the moment a hippo tried to kill him as he hauled in nets in a local river. [...]

  • Libya Frontline Club

#6 – Meet The Bloggers Who Want To Revolutionise Libya

Libyan youth groups are working in a challenging environment, but it has not stopped them from pressing on with their mission. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • chibok town

#7 – Chibok Tries To Recover From Boko Haram’s Terror Campaign

When Amina Ali Nkeki came home last week — the first of Nigeria’s 219 missing schoolgirls to go free in nearly two years — she found a town making its own long walk back to [...]

  • Power Lines

#8 – A Joint Venture To Tackle Sub-Saharan Africa’s Power Crisis

General Electric has partnered with Mara Group and Atlas Merchant Capital in an initiative dedicated to investing in the highly underdeveloped African infrastructure sector. Read More >> Source: CNBC Africa

  • murtala-mohammed-international-airport-lagos

#9 – Traffic To Lagos Airport Decreases

Chicago-based United Airlines is the latest casualty of Nigeria’s economic slowdown as the company has announced that it will stop flights to the country after June 30th. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Afro Forest
  • Afro Forest2

#10 – Artist Turns Black Women’s Hair Into Ethereal Forests

Tired of being told that their hair was unprofessional, Jean-Louis noticed an increasing number of black women across the U.S. were choosing to wear their hair natural and "show their African heritage". Read More >> [...]

  • Uber

#1- It Pays To Be An Uber Driver

Uber drivers in Kenya have an additional incentive to go the extra mile: a local bank is offering them car loans based on how clients rate their service. Read More >> Source: Mail & Guardian [...]

  • Female Vendor

#2 – Trying To Crack It As A Businesswoman In South Africa

For most South African female entrepreneurs, gender remains a deterrent, becoming an even greater hindrance in recent years as their numbers decline. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Mozambique Economy

#3 – Mozambique Drowns In Debt

Mozambique is about to default on its debt as talks about rescheduling a loan from Russia's VTB Bank PJSC to a state-owned company faltered. Read More >> Source: Times Live

  • Wifi Router

#4 – Rwanda Believes ICT Sector Holds Key To Growth

If Africa is to grow economies faster, one way of doing this is by improving broadband penetration. Read More >> Source: CNBC Africa

  • Standard-Bank

#5 – South African Bank Still Reeling After Japanese Heist

Standard Bank is taking action after criminals in Japan stole millions of dollars from ATMs using fake credit cards from the lender. Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

  • Fashionable Cities1
  • fashionable Cities2

#6 – Inside Africa’s Billion Dollar Fashion Industry

Sub-Saharan Africa's apparel and footwear market is reportedly worth $31 billion. Labels such as Nigeria's Maki Oh - recently worn by Beyonce, Jewel By Lisa and Ikiré Jones are establishing themselves as international brands beyond [...]

  • Megacity

#7 – Africa’s Growing Megacities

Among the world’s megacities, two are in sub-Saharan Africa: Lagos in Nigeria and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo are on the list. Johannesburg, South Africa, with a population that’s expected to reach 11 [...]

  • Platinum mine 2

#8 – Platinum Could Be Zimbabwe’s Next Cash Cow

Zimbabwe could double annual platinum production to more than 900,000 ounces in the next decade, making the metal the nation’s top export earner, but current producers would need $2.8 billion in new investment to do [...]

  • Nigeria-Naira

#9 – Is Nigeria Heading For A Recession?

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics revealed that in its first quarter, the country’s economy shrank by 0.4 percent. Due to the drop in the manufacturing sector and other economic indicators, experts have warned that “the [...]

  • africa middle class

#10 – Africa Rising: Is The Middle Class The Solution?

Deconstructing the fashionable discourse that the middle class will cure all region's ills is necessary to understand long-term growth trajectory. Read More >> Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

  • A - Black Americans in Africa

#1 – Why I Africa: On Travelling The Continent As A Black American

An increasing number of black Americans are visiting Africa, and one of those travellers gives some perspective on why it’s happening now. Read More >> Source: okayafrica

  • A - Tony Gum

#2 – Tony Gum On Nourishing And Celebrating Your Personal Art

Speaking at the most recent Design Indaba conference, South African artist on the rise, Tony Gum, shares her thoughts on how to cultivate your inner creative. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • A - African film at Cannes

#3 – Chad’s Haroun, U.S.’s Penn Among Directors Bringing African Issues To Cannes

Although no films by African directors are being showcased at Cannes this year, films about Africa are commanding attention. Read More >> Source: RFI

  • A - Meklit

#4 – Meklit’s Music Takes Off On An Odyssey From Africa

Get to know Meklit, an Ethiopian-American singer, whose latest release incorporates influences from her extensive experience with musicians across the African continent. Read More >> Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  • A African Religion App

#5 – The App That’s Changing Religion In West Africa

Christian churches in West Africa are booming, and a new app aims to create even tighter bonds between these organizations and the faithful. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • South African dishes

#6 – Cooking Up A Storm The African Way

While there’s no shortage of options in South Africa for learning how to cook French, Italian or Asian cuisine, it’s routinely been difficult to get training in the country’s own traditional dishes. Until now. Read [...]

  • Christian Benimana2
  • Christian Benimana1

#7 – Christian Benimana On Architecture That Serves The Community

A Rwandan architect tells the fascinating story about his path to the field and how it can be a powerful agent for change in local communities. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Mandela's Gun

#8 – Dodging Murder, Building Bombs: An ‘Angrier’ Mandela Seen In New Film

A new film about Nelson Mandela shines a light on the earlier, revolutionary portion of his history and provides a different perspective on this complex man. Read More >> Source: Daily Mail

  • Africa rock band

#9 – Six African Metal Bands You Have To Check Out

Okay metal heads, here it is – Okayafrica’s take on the top African groups in the category. Read More >> Source: okayafrica

  • Black Girl Movie

#10 – Film Review: Black Girl

A newly restored version of Ousmane Sembene’s classic film, ‘Black Girl,’ is now making its way to DVD, and his 1960’s masterpiece is as powerful as ever. Read More >> Source: Film Journal

  • Virunga Gorilla

#1 – If You Want To Trek Gorillas, Read This

The gorillas are a big deal to everyone. From the moment you land in Kigali you notice three things: the streets are clean and safe, the country is plastic-free, and gorillas are everywhere. Read More [...]

  • Hotel-Hargeisa

#2 – Make Your Way To This Charming Hotel In Somalia

There's the Paris Ritz, the New York Astoria, London's Savoy and then there's Hargeisa's Oriental. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Moyo Food

#3 – Go On An African Culinary Tour In Johannesburg

If you’re touring Johannesburg you’ll want to stop by Moyo Zoo Lake, an exquisitely rendered African-themed restaurant. Read More >> Source: Daily Nation

  • Kiangazi House1
  • Kiangazi house2

#4 – Discover Kenya’s Kiangazi House

The sanctuary consists of a fenced area of 12,000 acres and a further 6,000 acres of game corridor and riparian land lived up to its puff as Kenya’s best kept secret. Read More >> Source: [...]

  • Ethiopia lodge

#5 – Five Of The Best Safari Lodges In Africa

Go wild at some of the continent's newest lodges. Read More >> Source: Independent

  • Botswan Dugout

#6 – Why You Should Visit Botswana In August

Blue skies and pleasant temperatures dominate August, it is actually a month when waters in the delta are at their highest. This is incredibly beneficial on two fronts: wildlife abounds, and areas of the inner [...]

  • Family break SA

#7 – Top family-friendly short breaks in SA

South Africa has plenty of great places to visit that are easily accessible from the country’s major cities – which means you can easily take a “mini-holiday” over a weekend that won’t involve lots of [...]

  • Ghana Passport

#8 – Ghana Makes Travel Easier

Ghana will from next year move from issuing biometric passport to a chip-embedded passport to its citizens globally. Read More >> Source: New Africa Business News

  • egyptair-flight

#9 – Egypt’s Tourism Takes Another Blow

After a decade of political turmoil and the downing of a holiday jet last year, tourism in Egypt was left in a desperate state - so will the MS804 tragedy sound the death knell for [...]

  • namibia expo

#10 – Namibia Hosts Neighbouring Countries To Show Their Travel Wares

The Tourism Expo 2016, which will last till Saturday, will run under the theme of “Community”, where neighbouring countries from different communities will celebrate unity through different innovative ways. Read More >> Source: IOL