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  1. national-arts-festival

    National Arts Festival

    30 June @ 8:00 AM - 10 July @ 5:00 PM SAST
  2. pan african weekend
  3. Mobile 360 Africa
  4. african events guide

    African Homecoming Summit

    7 August @ 8:00 AM - 10 August @ 5:00 PM SAST


  • top african business schools

Top Business Schools in Africa

With Africa increasingly attracting investors and progressively becoming a business hub, it’s clear that the continent is ripe with opportunities. No one understands this better than the countless African entrepreneurs starting small businesses everyday, playing their role [...]

  • photograph of fashion designers Nelly and Nelsa Guambe
  • Angolan fashion designers Shunnoz Fiel and Tekasala Ma'at Nzinga
  • dress designs by South African Fashion Designer, Laz Yani

10 African Fashion Designers to Watch

African fashion designers are staking their claim on the international stage. Apart from using traditional African fabrics, designers on the continent have also gone ahead to experiment and create beautiful designs using fabrics from [...]

  • african restaurant Pero Restaurant and Lounge, TORONTO-b
  • african restaurant 280 degrees, london
  • african restaurant Kiza, DUBAI

Top 10 African Restaurants

African cuisine is fast gaining momentum on the world culinary stage. From game meats from the South to the spicy dishes of the North, West and East of Africa, there is an array of tastes [...]


The Top 10 Universities in Africa

We made a determination to create two distinct lists: a) Africa, excluding South Africa, and b) South Africa. Click HERE to see the Top 10 Universities in South Africa – 2015 Edition. Our previous edition [...]

  • Coal mine in Zimbabwe

#1 – Zimbabwe Sinks Deeper Into Depression

A partly state owned coal mine, Hwange Colliery Ltd., plans to half its staff compliment this year to make it more viable and has put measures in place to protect it from lawsuits. Read More [...]

  • village in south kivu

#2 – Rights Activists Praise DRC For Putting An End To Horrific Practices

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested 75 suspected militiamen for murder and rape in the province of South Kivu. They are accused of targeting very young girls, reportedly associating them with supernatural [...]

  • exxon mobile sign

#3 – ExxonMobil’s Deal To Secure “The Crown Jewels” Of Nigeria Probed

The world’s largest oil company, secured the lucrative oil rights in 2009 by beating out China’s fourth-largest oil producer for access, despite apparently underbidding its rival bid by $2.25 billion. Read More >> Source: The [...]

  • Man walks past burnt bus in South Africa's capital

#4 – What A South Africa Without Mandela Looks Like

“Yes, we had the Mandela era — a great history, a profound history for the whole world actually... But the question for South Africans is: What future do we then present?” Read More >> Source: [...]

  • Somali youths on the beach on their phones

#5 – Young Somalis Use Snapchat To Promote Their Country

"The reason why I take pictures is because when people Google Mogadishu on the internet pictures of people killed in explosions, people who are bleeding or starving people appear. And that is not the whole [...]

  • woman winnows rice

#6 – An Age Old West African Tradition Could Fight Climate Change

For the last 700 years women in Ghana and Liberia have been using a valuable farming technique that modern-day agronomists have only recently figured out. It transforms depleted soil into “enduringly fertile” farmland. Read More [...]

  • Tunisia Fishing Town

#7 – Tunisians Find Local Solutions For The Migrant Situation

Five years after Tunisia's revolution, the tiny North African country is struggling with unrest, soaring unemployment and plummeting growth. Those returning to their home countries face an uncertain future, but locals are looking to improve [...]

  • senegal airlines

#8 – Came Out Of The Africa Air Cargo Summit?

Air transport in Africa is twice as expensive as the world average, hindering continental trade links and economic growth in the 54 countries that make up the continent. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Ghana President John Dramani

#9 – Ghana’s President Accused Of Improper Conduct

Opposition parties want an inquiry into whether a businessman won a $613,000 government construction contract by giving President John Mahama a large sports utility vehicle. Read More >> Source: Reuters

  • Nigerian and Emirati delegates talk about Lagos city
  • Lagos Smart-city-2

#10 – Deal Closed For Africa’s First Smart City

Lagos has made its intentions to be Africa’s first smart city clear by signing a deal with Dubai, which is the first of its kind. However, the challenge of sufficient power generation and distribution still [...]

  • Nigerian currency the naira

#1 – Nigeria Devalues The Naira

Nigeria’s central bank governor has conceded defeat. The central bank has decided to abandon its currency peg and adopt a flexible exchange rate policy that is determined by market forces. Read More >> Source: The [...]

  • Kenya's stock exchange

#2 – Kenya’s Deficit Is Not Consistent With Fiscal Consolidation

The International Monetary Fund says despite this, the country still has a positive story compared to other frontier markets. Read More >> Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

  • Palms mall Nigeria, Africa aboutlagos.com

#3 – ‘’Make Very Sure Africa Is Where You Want To Be.” – Christo Wiese

The Palms mall in Nigeria, Africa. Photo credit: aboutlagos.com South Africa’s richest man and the chairman of the nation’s biggest retailer Shoprite Holdings Ltd., has some advice for companies looking to tap the [...]

  • drc illegal miners

#4 – AU Chair Talks About The Rich Africa, Poor Africans Paradox

"We need ... a skills revolution in this continent because that is where we need urgent growth and modernisation of our economy.’’ Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

  • top african business schools

#5 – Top Business Schools In Africa

With Africa increasingly attracting investors and progressively becoming a business hub, it’s clear that the continent is ripe with opportunities. But where do you go to, in order to learn the ropes for starting, maintaining [...]

  • Uber competitor

#6 – Safaricom Takes On Uber

The ride hailing company has been met with some resistance wherever it launched its services. But, Safaricom believes they have an edge on how to take them on competitively. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Goldman Sachs Logo

#7 – Libya Pursues Global Banks For Lost Investments

Officials from Libya’s sovereign wealth fund claim they were led to make poor investment choices by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale and are taking the banks to court to recoup their money. [...]

  • illicit flows campaign

#8 – Swiss Banker Sheds Light On How To Recover Africa’s Stolen Assets

Officials say they want to shake off their bad reputation of being sleazy bankers who house the ill-gotten gains of leaders. The country says it is working with governments to help return money that has [...]

  • woman selling farm produce-Africa

#9 – Africa Could Feed Over Nine Billion By 2050

Agricultural production and distribution. Photo Credit: Abayomi Azikiwe For that to happen, the continent needs to invest in the necessary science and technology to help the agriculture sector. Read More >> Source: CNBC [...]

  • paul ballen's ice cream stand
  • Paul Ballen Ice Cream2

#10 – Soft Serve Makes Hard Cash

South African entrepreneur Paul Ballen was given an ice cream machine as a child and has been hooked ever since. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • Prom dress in african prints

#1 – Rocking It On Prom Night, African Style

To show pride in their African ancestry and a timely sense of style, an increasing number of high schoolers are choosing prom dresses that celebrate African fashion. Read More >> Source: New York Times

  • Lesotho Caves

#2 – The Lesotho Caves: Home To Thousands Of Years Of History

Learn about the Basotho people who commune with their ancestors by visiting a series of ancient caves, which they believe to be a portal between the living and the dead. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Mumford & Sons Performing

#3 – Mumford & Sons On Their ‘Insanely Productive’ South African Odyssey

Get the back story on Mumford & Sons’ latest album, which was inspired and influenced by their travels through South Africa. Read More >> Source: Rolling Stone

  • ladies display the Wumburi headwrap

#4 – The Fashion Movement Bridging Culture & Couture In Maputo

Taking pride in their Mozambican heritage, the designers behind fashion brand, Wumburi, have focused their talents on the traditional headwrap, and their efforts have resulted in a dramatic resurgence in their popularity. Read More >> [...]

  • Journeymen band

#5 – Twenty Journey’s ‘The Journey Men’ Opens In Durban

Debuting at the Durban International Film Festival is a moving documentary about the state of equality in today’s South Africa. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Bolaji Badejo Costume
  • Bolaji Badejo 2
  • Bolaji Badejo 2

#6 – Bolaji Badejo: The Nigerian Giant Who Played ‘Alien’

It took someone special to bring fear into moviegoers’ hearts as the alien in ‘Alien.’ Get to know the Nigerian actor, who portrayed the menacing creature in this horror classic. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • recording artist in Zambia

#7 – The Recording Industry In Zambia

Music in Africa takes us on a comprehensive and fascinating journey through the history of the recording industry in Zambia. Read More >> Source: Music In Africa

  • Arts of the Monsoon exhibit

#8 – ‘Arts Of The Monsoon’ Is A Striking Documentary Exploring The Cultural Connections Between Oman And Zanzibar

A new documentary, ‘Arts of the Monsoon’ sheds light on the little told story about Oman’s colonialism in East Africa and the corresponding impact on local cultures. Read More >> Source: okayafrica

  • We Design Concept

#9 – We Design Conference Durban Calls For A National Spatial Revolution

A South African design conference calls for a radical rethink of the built environment in response to the current economic and social pressures facing the country. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Dakar fashion week catwalk
  • 08dakar_fashion_week

#10 – Behind The Scenes Of Dakar Fashion Week 2016

Vogue gives us a back stage look at the showstopping fashions from the latest Dakar Fashion Week. Read More >> Source: Vogue

  • tastemakers africa

#1 – Join The Black Travel Movement

Tastemakers Africa, Nomadness Travel Tribe and Travel Noire have one unique thing in common. They are all part of the "Black Travel" movement -- a growing band of travel agents and social networks that celebrate [...]

  • Beautiful gardens in Morocco

#2 – Winston Churchill Called It ‘’The Most Lovely Spot In The Whole World”

With towering palm trees, orange trees, 700-year-old olive trees and the intoxicating scent of rose bushes, the 18th-century gardens of “Arset el Mamoun” in Morocco were a gift to Prince Moulay Mamoun from his father. [...]

  • namib-naukluft national park

#3 – Inside The Namib-Naukluft National Park

The Sossusvlei section of the park contains Namibia’s most photographed dunes, as well as Sesriem Canyon and several other enigmatic pans. Read More >> Source: Lonely Planet

  • tiger fishing in Botswana

#4 – A Great Fishing Adventure In Botswana

Take a road trip to Botswana, along the green stretch of Namibia called the Zambezi Region and back down the spine of the Okavango Panhandle, the drive will get you ready for a great tiger [...]

  • morocco tea tour

#5 – Food Tours Worth the Travel

A tea tour in Morocco or a bicycle wine tour in Cape Town anyone? Read More >> Source: National Geographic

  • Citadel in Ethiopia

#6 – Explore Ethiopia’s Islamic Citadel

This fortified desert city was built between the 13th and 16th centuries and is also home to 102 shrines and townhouses that reveal exceptional interior design. Read More >> Source: IOL

  • Lake Nakuru Kenya, Africa

#7 – Kenya On The Charm Offence

Lake Nakuru in Kenya, Africa “We are here to tell the travel world - and particularly Africa - that Kenya is open for business and more than willing to welcome all and sundry [...]

  • Check Out Africa's Best Cruise Holidays In This List

#8 – Africa And Cruise Tourism

Seychelles has joined the eastern and southern African cruise industry as well as that of the Indian Ocean to seek new strategies for sustainable cruise tourism. Read More >> Source:

  • Stone Town, Zanzibar

#9 – And The Most Jaw Dropping Coastlines Are?

If you’re really in need of a place that seems beyond reality—think electric blue water, white sands, and seas of wooden sailboats—Tanzania’s archipelago oasis of Zanzibar is the pinnacle of tropical destinations. Read More >> [...]

  • Maasai, Tanzania, Africa

#10 – Building Sustainable Tourism With The Maasai

Maasai women in Tanzania, Africa.Photo credit: Flickr In this video, you will see how to help communities such as the Maasai develop a sustainable tourism industry. Read More >> Source: Travel & Leisure

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